Why Philosophy?

Written by Martin Lucas

Philosophy helps you take off the shackles and think beyond the obvious. 

We combined philosophy with data which has allowed us to create lots of techniques to explore why something is the way it is and where the opportunities for growth sit. Brand loyalty is subjective person by person, we cannot assume that all people are equal to how they feel about a brand, it better to question their Why to your service and then adopt to the truth of how they person feels not how the brand assumes they should feel.

Philosophy is the secret connector of dots.

What is a brand?

What is a company?

What is the data of human behaviour?

What is loyalty?

All of this and tonnes more questions (we have really, really, really long lists) helps us examine not just the definition of a brand but also how it is perceived by the marketplace. Then you can take it down to an individual customer level and hunt data that shows you proof of habits, behaviours, loyalty and all the Why of that customer. On and on it goes until you find the truth of the consumers desire and then you can plan how to give them the experiences they crave and that's the consumers WHY.