Why Irrational Mathematics?

Written by Martin Lucas

How we think, our behaviours, how we talk, our habits, how we feel, our emotions, how we shop, our lifestyle is as unique as the individuals we all are.

If you can understand an individuals patterns of behaviours and desire and then serve them more of what they want then they you will get more of what you want in return. 

To accomplish this requires a level of personalisation that matches the way the brain works where one persons normal is another persons irrational. We all do things in our own unique way, we are all a little weird and it's the idosycnracies that makes up our personalisation algorithm. 

We call it Irrational Mathematics as it is literally built to understand the unique behaviours of individuals in a sea of millions. We cover habits, engagement, emotions, behaviours, conscious and unconscious communication, awareness and all built to lessen retargeting spend and increase SOV per customer.

It works inside ecosystems, UX, marketing platforms and all with a bidirectional feed for live and proactive engagement covering segmentation, code, mathematics, design, language, imagery and psychology (the zone of temptation).