Why Fashion Is Personal to YOU

Written by Martin Lucas
Starting a fashion label is personal, your aesthetic is personal, your design is personal, it’s really really really really hard not to take it personally if the world doesn’t stop everything it’s doing when you launch your latest season!!!
Love me! Need me! Want me!
A little grandstanding language perhaps, however, that is very deliberate as that is how it can feel to the creator, to the marketer, to the design team in the ultra competitive fashion world. This is often where a brand can get lost and lose its voice to the market it is there to serve. We humans are inward looking creatures, the more creative the market you work in, the more common it becomes to shrink or to hide away and start following other brands, other companies, we risk becoming followers and forgetting what makes our brand so attractive to the market in the first place.

Finding your voice

In order to find your voice as a fashion brand you need to understand your marketplace, what they truly desire, what makes them tick and how to address their emotional needs. Everything in fashion, EVERYTHING is personal to the customer, not the brand, the customer, IF you make them feel confident, assured, to believe this garment, outfit, accessory will make them feel good and look better then you win.
That is Fashion Business Intelligence and what sits behind it is data, not spreadsheets of data but people data. Data in this case is the signs, the moments, the stories your market leaves behind online and offline and your ability to capture the needs of your market, understanding each person and taking a holistic view across to the mass of your market.
At this point the key is not HOW you do this but if YOU understand WHY it matters. Having spent two years working on a model to address this what became clear travelling the world researching fashion, buyers, advertising that the decision makers (either as the founder or marketing owner) have to understand that in today's world emotional intelligence is a key attribute in how to engage your market.
Every Fashionista knows in their heart that you win more when people believe, understand and connect to the story of your range. That is what Fashion data is at it’s heart, the stories you want to deliver being understand the stories your market tells you being understand. Connect the two and you have Fashion nirvana.