Why Emotional Intelligence?

Written by Martin Lucas

How we think is visual. How we imagine is visual. How we read emotions is visual. How we understand other humans is using our emotional intelligence. Alongside IQ, it is one of the core NINE human intelligences.

Storytelling is the key to connecting to an audience’s emotional intelligence. How you connect with the right type of audience is how you find and grow new customers. Factoring in the keywords that resonate, the tone of communication and indeed the imagery all play a part in creating the stories that generate you the most success.

One’s emotional intelligence is innate; from the moment we are born we begin scanning to read faces and eyes for the emotion and support of other humans. We love telling stories because it’s the modern PR both internally and externally that helps businesses succeed and above all else connects to a person on an individual level.

Our focus is to use data and philosophical discovery to help anchor the strategy of what stories to tell and then to maximise the story throughout the processes and communications of customer and employee touchpoints. Engaged people give you more of what you want and less of what you don’t; it’s a choice they make because what you say resonates with them on an emotional level.