Why Customer Psychology?

Written by Martin Lucas

Consumerism is one of three ideologies driving the world (add Capitalism and Individualism to complete the set). It’s been 100 years since Consumerism began and we have more possessions than we’ve ever had before and equally more anxiety than we can ever store (and it just keeps growing). Making people happy is an age old challenge; making them happy in terms of customer experience is much easier to achieve.

There are bounce risks galore in user experience and we look at this based on how humans think and feel, not simply whether the code has ticked the boxes or whether the ‘buy now’ button is in the right place. We humans want to be spoken to with an understanding of who we are. We want respect; we love to feel valued and cared for. This is possible in software, retail, product, service and everything in between IF you take away the assumption that a mass audience cannot be understood.

We are living in a binary mathematics society, and we have built systems based on how machines operate, not how humans think. It’s the ‘computer says no’ run rampant. The good news is that this is fixable, and we make it achievable not just with solutions but by applying metrics to everything so you can see the revenue, profit, conversion and customer satisfaction growth to anything we work on.

Our focus is on the customers you serve; the technology and tools are merely mechanisms to earn you human-to-human interactions, or in today’s world, that can sometimes be human to A.I. interactions, but the same cause and effect is true:

Understand people and you will win more by treating them as a human not as a machine.