Why Behavioural Science?

Written by Martin Lucas

At the route cause of being human is a behaviour, actually it is millions of behaviours. We don't always notice our behaviours because they becomes habits and those habits become automatic inside our brain. It's a scary notion, we don't always know why we do but there is always a reason why.

The unconscious brain drives 98% of our behaviours and the decisions we make day-to-day. This is partly why we humans find change so hard; we’re often not aware of the reasons why we behave as we do, or indeed what our behaviours even are. The power of self-awareness and enlightenment is a fascinating and never ending study when it comes to behaviours.

Our focus is to identify the cause of the behaviours so you can then tactically change them. In the same way you tie your shoe laces because that is the way you were shown the same is true for how you consume. The brain allocates favourites for everything in life, we rank brands the same way we rank our favourite foods, it is the brains job to do so. It's a liberating moment when you accept how others see you and adjust to their perception, that is where the magic sits for a brands behaviours. 

Perception is reality. 

You want to know what your target market wants, how they think, the opportunity for the future and how to align to that? That’s what we use behavioural science to accomplish.

Create positive change using our mantra:

Everything is Behaviours