What is Philosophy?

Written by Martin Lucas

Free thinking is a skill set that we take from the ancient Greek philosophers. Knowledge without thought is like being a parakeet; you can read it and repeat it but not understand it.

If you cannot understand something then you do not know the cause of it and thus it’s like Ouroboros, the hungry snake that eats its own tail. We use this method as a way to explore deep thinking of human behaviours which drives our behaviour change model.

For example, if a company has a problem bridging Sales and Marketing and all you do is ask the respective employees what the problem is, you will get surface responses which are only a part of the answer. This is because behaviours are driven by a number of factors which are conscious and also deeply unconscious to the people doing them. The real reason for any situation is generally a combination of multiple small details such as a bad reporting system, lacking a software tool, poor communication, a poor leader, or a lack of understanding.

Philosophy helps you take off the shackles and think beyond the obvious. Experience, failing, studying and testing between April 2015 to March 2017 was our period of examining the world and firming our behaviour change model.

Our focus is problem solving with philosophy and to never assume or accept the obvious. We are innovators.