What is Irrational Mathematics?

Written by Martin Lucas

This was (and is) a massive mathematical challenge which began with a realisation:

We humans are all irrational thinkers but code is built using rational mathematics, it’s all binary. The reason people feel like numbers is because we’ve written the code to do exactly that. Surely there is a way to understand people’s feelings on an individual level and then give that individual more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

That was one of the problem statements we started with in March 2015. After two years of testing and time with 67 different companies, agencies and charities, we had several ideas to test and from March 2017 onwards, working with lots of science, innovators and mathematics, we have built an algorithm that allows you to create personalisation, which is also built with agility for different industries.

Currently being used:

  • In our behaviour change model
  • With eCommerce clients.
  • To test with multiple data science / analytics service companies.
  • As a build for a new type of media and entertainment agency.

We love this one and it is an ace up our sleeves plus it is a new type of mathematics which is pretty cool.

Our focus is seeking out new people who want to increase sales and the quality of customer experiences.