What is Human-centric design?

Written by Martin Lucas

You prefer to be treated with courtesy when in a shop.

You prefer a restaurant where the staff listen to your specific requests.

You prefer a cocktail in a bar where they mix drinks to your specific needs.

These are all common and very fair preferences, so why should we not receive the same in our digital transactions? Why is it so hard to understand the difference between how I feel and how you feel?

We have built a digital world quickly - too quickly - and this has resulted in a system that works based on how machines operate (binary language) and not how humans think and feel. All is not lost, as human centric design is exactly how it sounds; it’s the ability to connect the dots between what we enjoy (and why) in our offline experiences and adding them to our online experiences.

Our focus is on creating personalised experiences and adding more human-based needs to service, product, software, code, design, imagery (and more) to connect the dots to an experience people enjoy rather than it being frustrating. It is fun to catch humanity up to the machine ways of today’s society!