What is Growth Hacking?

Written by Martin Lucas

Marketing - Social Media - Advertising - Sales - Customer Service - Finance - Product - Service

All of these touch customers or potential customers in one way or another and in the centre of that whole experience is a person - the customer or prospect. The customer experience is dictated by many parts of an organisation.

Siloed cultures exist simply because we are driven by productivity and a target-based mindset. This does make sense but when there is no collective strategy, the person who suffers is the customer. We reject services where we are not treated as a person or when there are conflicting situations like what is said on social media vs sales saying something different vs customer service contradicting what social and sales said. It’s rampant in the world and costs brands dearly because it is the hidden enemy of growth (check our case study section for abundant proof).

Our focus with growth hacking is to create linked strategies so that the customer’s experience is central to the strategy and this results in the right type of growth based on three bedfellows:

Quantity of Service

Quality of Service

Spirit of Service