What is Creative Science?

Written by Martin Lucas

Creativity is like reading, writing, drawing or making that perfect cup of hot chocolate. It is a muscle that needs to be used in order to flex its full power. Everyone’s creativity is driven by their existing habits and you need to understand what these are in order to know how to maximise them and also to be aware of the ones holding you back.

Our invention to help solve this: Creatures of Habit.


Each Creature represents a habitual or patterned way of thinking. By understanding why you develop these habits and where they manifest in your life, you gain a realisation of how strong a role they play in your thoughts, decisions and actions. When working on creative projects, spotting and working with each Creature to overcome their limitations unleashes the ability to come up with creative breakthroughs, to develop more effective solutions and design novel approaches.

This works for individuals and the collective mindset (and thus behaviours) of groups of people. You cannot change what you do not understand and the Creatures of Habit tool helps us unleash creativity to marketplaces and inside of companies using your best asset - your people.