Mastermindset are problem solving experts

The impact of our problem solving methodology is transformative, with our standard results being 80-700% above market industry averages (as you can see for yourself in the case studies). 

Our problem solving is focused on three service areas:

Front of market

Front of market

If it involves humans then it can be solved and improved.

Ask us questions based on what you want to solve and off we go.

Focused on:

Company culture & engagement

Sales & marketing 

Purpose, motivation & vision

Growth & Process

Growth & Process

They are bedfellows, one enables the other to maximise the return.

What is process? It is best practice, rules to follow, it's creating growth doing the right things, at the right time and with quality. 

Focused on:

Revenue growth & financial modelling

Improving platforms, UX, eCommerce & go to market

Innovative approaches to voice of the brand & psychological based communication

Socratic Strategy

Socratic Strategy

Figuring out what future success looks like using science, math, philosophy & psychology. 

We use Socrates technique as it helps everyone avoid assumptions and to dig for innovation, to plan and to execute based on what the data tells us.

Focused on:

Customer strategy inside sales, marketing & support 

Future planning with trend & marketplace analysis & opportunity identification 

Human enablement through behaviour change, positive thinking & modelling success


"Besides landing with clarity on the options in front of us, what impressed me about working with the Mastermindset team was the relatively small amount of information they needed to get their heads around the challenge, and their comfort with ambiguity. It meant we could work in workshop form, at good pace, with MM as true sounding board rather than losing time in debate about facts."

Costas Papaikonomou, Co-founder, Happen

"Marty has opened our eyes to a different way of thinking and set us on a path that we feel will benefit the business as we grow further."

Ed Abias, Commercial Director, Never.No

"Precisely how does one discern existence from non-existence? That has apparently been an elusive question that Mastermindset in so many words has chosen to answer in this incredibly intriguing model."

Geoff Hudson-Searle, Business Author and CEO

We have seen phenomenal results with our social media campaign thanks to Susan, every organisation needs a Susan in their life!

Sarah Bromfield, CEO, DrugFAM

"We're now developing a better product, and I love working with passionate, smart people that don't bullshit and that is 100% what you get working with Marty."

Adam Mitcheson, CEO, My2BE

The "Voice of the Brand" workshop for a group of entrepreneurs: The approach, personality and enthusiasm from the start was exactly what the attendees required in order to entrust confidence and focus. The desire to understand and offer real alternatives and suggestions to support their growth was fantastic.

Kenny Dooley, Director, C Growth

"We also tried to leverage your understanding of behaviour to discover which would be the most motivating claims to use on pack. Insight from this session was used to prioritise claims and routes for consumers to talk through in further research."

Natalie Aylward, Innovation Consultant, Happen

"Mastermindset really took a deep look into understanding what the brand was all about, how we could position ourselves for the unique brand we are, what makes our customers tick, think about how to tell unique 'stories' about the products, in our email marketing, etc. The guys came up with some awesome UX ideas to improve some pain points and further engage with customers, some changes implemented of which, along with ongoing coaching/catch up sessions, undoubtedly have influenced our growing success over the past year."

Charlie McEvoy, Founder, Plant Faced Clothing

“The possibilities for the future are interesting to me, the science and ability to make a difference opens up your mind to think differently about what you can be to your target audience.”

David Mallon, CEO, Elvis Jesus