#Vintage Storytelling

Written by Martin Lucas

Fashion is so subjective, it takes an incredible amount of drive and self belief to be a designer. Imagine being a fashion designer and always being under immense pressure to produce ‘new’, to deliver products that people want. It’s like predicting the future whilst being true to yourself and constantly being faced with the risk of rejection from your potential customers and those dreaded creatures, the critics.

It is partly why this phrase exists:

This week we are digging around the term #Vintage, to discover some treasure hidden around instagram by these awesome people:


Post by aaltinordu

That right there is my kinda vintage, slightly weird and mega cool is my measure for good vintage.


Post by furniturebankinc

Vintage furniture from Japan, don’t you just love the setup here. I am always bestowing the power of environments when it comes social media posts; it creates better engagement. The reason this works so well is that environments ignite our imaginations, whereas just singular product picks on plain backgrounds do not. Worth keeping this in mind, we are all busy but it takes a treasure box to hold treasure!


Post by apricotearth

This is a vintage bookshop in Lucera, Italy. The stories it could (and can still) tell :)


Post by popboutiqueliverpool

There's nothing like the feeling of nostalgia to make us buy. Nostalgia is effective because it connects to our memories and we think in terms of images. This is a boutique in Liverpool who use fabrics from the 60s and 70s to create lampshades. Funky!


Post by felicia_fitri_shop

Shabby chic at its finest: cute, fun and just absolute marmite as vintage should be!

Love it or hate it?


Post by   rodyrunner

Interior design is its own kind of art form. You have to intrigue people and show you can be trusted to make their homes awesome. This picture demonstrates their stylistic intent and thus focuses on finding those it resonates with. That’s half the battle; finding alignment makes selling stuff easy to people who get ‘you’.

Back to Fashion

That was a fun run around the world of Instagram and seeing what is amazing when it comes to vintage. Now I’ll pick one fashion handle on Instagram who truly have it nailed. I have no association with these folks, I just know when I get obsessed with one person's posts it’s because they are well connected to the emotional intelligence of their target market.

Here are my recent favourites from somethingoldsomethingnew1, a vintage boutique in Brick Lane, London.

Do these pictures tell you a story?




That right there is vintage and representing the market you serve. I take my hat off to these folks.

If you want to share your favourite vintage pictures and posts then tag me and let’s have some fun debating the treasure chest of #vintage