The Science of Cool

Written by Martin Lucas
#Fashion has more than 369,000,000 posts on Instagram. But what is fashion? Art, looking good, feeling good? - It's personal to each of us.
It is of course all of these things and more. For me, it has always been about feelings. How you feel in that little black dress? How do others react when you add a pocket square to your favourite blazer? Hanging a necklace, slipping on a ring, your favourite accessory. That moment of release of looking good and feeling great. That is what fashion can be, but what makes something cool (or not) took a little more study. I’ve spent a lifetime working on the emotional thinking side of the world. I am a math savant kind of guy. To be clear I am much more Science rather than Scientology.
What has always fascinated me is how we behave, our habits, what makes us buy or interact and how you can understand these behaviours across an entire target market and then take that right down to the personal level.That is why I created iFashionista, as a science model to help fashion companies grow. Each week I will run our model across different items of clothing or accessories with a split by different cities, picking the best posts from Instagram and explaining why they won. For week one I looked at the overall broad term of #Fashion and explored 987,348 Instagram posts with a focus on what is cool.
Defining cool is interesting.
From Russia with Cool
Post by tatiana_nastevich Tatiana is based in Russia and Japanese fashion has always held a Western appeal (although in Japan they like the Eastern style and so it goes!). Cool, in this case, is the allure; the balance of background to the picture adds a dimension to make it feel alive rather than the old school catalogue trap that stock images fall into.
I don’t give a f*&k attitude
Post by fashionstylesone This kind of facial expression and outfit shot always tests well in our science model; it’s cool, and whether or not I would wear this outfit is immaterial because what it projects is the feeling of cool. Cool makes us act and buy constantly.
The Art of Cool
Post by bangtan_whalien I’m a big fan of anything Korean; they have a killer sneaker culture and I am a sneakerhead. I personally like this more avant garde arty shot which has tons of appeal towards an audience, the vibrancy, use of pastel colour and overall composition of the image is what is interesting.
Dapper Gents Millionaire
Post by glenn_tojoy_menswear Definitely worth a follow on Instagram, this gentleman is a character and like a lot of dapper gents you can discover some pretty amazing looks. The core scientific reason for this image testing well was the range on offer; too often we sell individual items, so our mindset when taking a picture is to only show one focal item or product. To hook people to buy on social media you need more cool; you need to help people feel what the item could do for them. Look nailed.
Anne-Marie Knows
Post by ourannemarie Where do your eyes go? Do they dart around taking in the eyes, the full look or just the top? The whole thing just presents such a beautiful aesthetic and engages you as the audience to ask questions as to where you can purchase the products on show from.
So What is Cool? 
Those were the top 5 picks for the first post to you awesome fashionistas! It was a global review of nearly a million posts; now I don’t profess to having the exact definition of cool but I know what sells and what engages people against what doesn't. Cool depends how each of us feels but it is a priceless emotion to give to your target market, it makes them act and buy.
We call this the Science of Making People Act