The power of Inspiration

Written by Martin Lucas


Instagram is a very popular network for advertising fashion, what is known as influencer marketing. It’s THE place for fashion bloggers to make their name and show their skills off. Why is that the case?

The best looks make us desire what they have.

The best thing a blogger can do is to inspire us.

When we feel inspired, it makes us act. It touches a positive emotion in our minds and we feel good, we want to know more. With this in mind, this week we explored #fashioninspo, which by the nature of hashtags, has a particular purpose and is used mainly by fashion experts and influencers like bloggers. Per Wikipedia here is what inspo represents:

Someone or something that serves as inspiration

Here are our winners of the week who serve to inspire:

 post by Y.emrahdemir

Panama chic!


Post by Thebirdwing

Happy cool


Post by Elizabethhorrelllookbook

Variable chic


Post by Alexdaddariosource

Attitude by the eyeful!


Post by Safashiontrends_

My favourite feeling of all - Mischief Makers


Post by _inlovewithmycloset_

Summer Sexy


Post by Fashion.lover.croatia

On Trend


Post by Shopluxity

The Happy Song Guy

Pharrell is the man! Does he not just make you feel happy? I feel very inspired this week, just released my 2nd book The Universal Law, I have the last chapter called ‘The Key to YOUR Happiness’. I mention this because a) I’m grateful and happy about it b) inspiration is a key ingredient of generating a happy feeling in people.

If you are blogger and aspire to be an influencer, then always remember that if you can generate inspiration in your viewer’s mind then they will associate positive feelings towards you and what you represent. The same correlation is true for fashion companies. Take the time to think about what you are selling and ask what is the emotion that helps you connect and sell more?

Happy wins!

This article originally appeared on The Fashion Network