The Art of Being a Gentleman

Written by Martin Lucas

Is being gentleman a lost art when it comes to Fashion? Does it stop at fashion? Even life in general it is worth debating chivalry, have we forgotten about holding doors open or etiquette like not wearing hats indoors, does anyone give a monkeys anyway?

We’ve had some dude called Don Draper reminding us that looking good is feeling good:


It’s an interesting timeline on Mad Men as it runs from the 50’s through the 60’s and you can see piece by piece that we became more and more relaxed in what we wore. Fashion has always evolved, for example we don’t see people dressed like this anymore:


Which is a bloody shame! Ha! The thing with being a gentleman is not about always wearing a suit, it is about how you carry yourself, the small details always win. For me personally what I loved about Don Draper is the smart casual looks, the hats and my ultimate piece of clothing:


The Knitted Polo! Just looks the business, knitted with a pattern is my favourite summer wear.

What better place to check what it means to be a gentleman than with #Dapper on Instagram. I wanted to hunt the small details or what it means to be a gentleman, small details are something I obsess about anyway when helping companies to advertise their clothing better. Small details are what makes people buy….


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A before and after wonderland, when was the last time you polished your shoes?


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I posted about pocket squares before, I love this one as imagine how many different folds and colours you can present and have some fun with! #SmallDetailsMatter


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A gentleman! Done.


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It is worth following the Style Professor, he knows small details make ALL the difference.


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Italian? Obvs.

Cool? Totes.

Want? Defo.

Fashion is so subjective, it depends on the market you are serving. That’s a key point so many retailers and fashion brands can miss, every target market has a specific emotional intelligence. Look at the images in this article, it’s about #dapper, it’s men who care more about the small details and the craftsmanship of being a gentleman. If you don’t represent what your market wants you will win less. Finding the details that matter will open more doors for you.

I believe the art of being a gentleman is still present in today's world, there are less of us around but it’s starting to grow and trend more and more. My prediction is that you will see more and more demand for hats this year; Top, Bowler, Trilby. Propah stuff geezah. 

Dapper is, as dapper does.

This article originally appeared on The Fashion Network