Martin Lucas

I led a 3.5 year research project to understand the Why of human behaviour and what disciplines are needed to model positive change and growth.

Research Highlights:

  • Analysed the go to market of over 60 advertising and marketing agencies to investigate the missing link of human science and sales psychology in the industry.
  • Researched and studied addiction and trauma including interviewing Professors at Harvard and Stanford as part of understanding the depth of the human mind.
  • Sat on Boards of the DrugFAM charity (which exists to support family members dealing with Addiction) for 2 years. 
  • Conceptualised & co-authored ‘Positively Changing Lives: Addressing the need for 
    specialist family support’ a white-paper relating to addiction support which we used for a private meeting with the Prime Minister.
  • Sat on Board of the Thriving Survivors charity (which exists to help people experience Trauma return to society) for 2 years. 
  • Conducted 100's of interviews of inspirational people around the world as part of 'Voices of the World' sub project.
  • We explored 50+ disciplines of Human Science, Thought and Psychology and all the connected parts of the human condition. This led to an agile problem solving model using 9 disciplines of Science (Behavioural, Data, Neuro), Psychology (Individual & Customer), Philosophy, Irrational Mathematics & Emotional Intelligence.
  • Created a 106 part meta-theory mathematical process for solutions architecture.
  • Invented a new type of mathematics 'Irrational Mathematics' so we could understand individuals and serve them as the unique person they are.
  • Used irrational mathematics to create a personalisation algorithm for the consumer world using only ethical data with an outcome to understand individuals from a sea of millions and treat them as they unique individual they are.

Previous experience

  • I’ve published three books
    • Preparing for the World in 2028 (2018)
    • The Universal Law (2017)
    • Using Technology to Sell (2011)
  • 16 awards for Inspiration & Sales and 'Book of the Month' for the 2028 book.
  • Experience working in Sales, Marketing, Product and Customer Service and consulted for Global corporations or High Growth SaaS companies.
  • Youngest in BT's history to achieve a senior leadership grade.
  • Founded three companies: 
    • 1. Consulting and Training for Enterprise which I ran for 5 years and sold.
    • 2. Building a social network including two industry firsts:
      • i) Google authorship code 
      • ii) Google map geolocation for content selection.
    • 3. Metatheory Research 'How the brain shops' a 3.5 year project which led to the models and creation of our services.

I love being on stage and talking all things human such as Mindset, Psychology, Philosophising Society and my favourite 'The Human Efficiency Trick' which is all about what makes you, you and 'Gap in the Matrix' which is how to release self by understanding the brains trickery.