Martin Lucas

Problem Solver

Understanding human behaviours has been a lifelong study and curiosity for me, I have a rare brain type, somewhat savant, somewhat rapid cognition (one of 50 in the world by the best estimates). In short, I’m a talented problem solver. 

I have proven (and love the challenge of continuing that outcome) that any situation involving humans has a much deeper cause and effect of why those behaviours exist, if you hunt the causations you can find the solutions.

Virtual Team

Creatures of Habit

The Creatures were Created by Simon Jack, his objective was to understand and categorise the main thinking patterns that influence our decision making and actions, and how to adapt them to spark creativity and achieve more desirable and results.

By recognising how each Creature manifests on a personal level, we are able to make creative changes and improvements in the way we work. Plus, by recognising where the Creatures manifest in others, we can tap directly into how they think in certain contexts, then engineer solutions that will influence desired behaviour changes.


Happen Group raises innovation success rates for businesses serving global, crowded consumer markets; by paring unmet consumer needs with commercially viable solutions. 

Partner with us

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