Style Influence

Written by Martin Lucas

It’s been an interesting week for us; we’ve been working on the tone of voice for four fashion companies. This centres around the keywords you use, the sentiment you want to send and the mood you want to project. Alongside that, we were creating the strategy for two months of social campaigns and writing 300+ messages based on the images selected. Talking of images we had three photoshoots this week also, lots of fun! In my mind, all of this is storytelling, entertaining and attracting your ideal target market.

I like to think about how we want people to feel and what they think about when making a decision, say, of buying a t-shirt from brand A vs. brand B. If that decision needs people to feel happier, cooler, or to confirm their awesome, then you build that into what you do. Social media for fashion is about expressing the lifestyle you represent and this got us thinking about style and the power of Instagram influencers.

Influencer marketing is huge and growing into a multi-billion dollar marketplace all of its own. Instagram is a dream for storytelling and representing who you are and - if good enough -  becoming an influencer. I went on a global hunt this week and used #styleinfluencer to find out who is the best at telling the stories regarding the lifestyle they represent in fashion.


Post by Little_accro_du_shopping

Fun, tigers rocks, little bit of mischief. Pulls you in by creating intrigue.


Post by Thebyogebrand

Lovely dress, sunny, good combo with bag colour. Representing summer living really well.


Post by Euriental

A very sophisticated shot. Intrigue comes up again: ‘I wonder what she is thinking? I want to find out more!’


Post by Nadiakandil

The rebels of fashion! Representing their own point of view and their own unique style.


Post by Yoheyfever

My kinda shot, it appeals because it’s very avant-garde and laissez-faire and man chic and other French terms I don’t know. Me like!


Post by Styleblogazine

Happiness can’t be faked and this guys look happy, little bit of mischief and whilst the shirt is not for me, well, I’m not the target market. Marketing is not about me, it’s about the audience; know what I mean?


Post by Thaliaetcetera

An amazing jawline never does any harm for grabbing someone’s attention. Our brain hunts things that stand out, so you have my attention and then you sell the attitude and the outfit ices the cake.


Post by Souniquelyfashionable

The Dandy Gent! There are hashtags for that you know. Stone cold winner #coolas…..


Post by theversastyle

I love this. Modern, laid back and yet super cool look plus a doggy top is always a winner in my eyes.

The biggest tip I have this week is to remember that fashion is not about you, it’s about your target audience. If you can understand how they want to feel then you can give them more of what they want and less of what they don’t. The challenge is to remember it’s not about you, which is hard because our brains are wired to be selfish and we naturally look at the world based on ourselves and what we do/don’t like, so it takes time. You have to train yourself to look at the market, research the market, understand their feelings and of course you can trust your instincts, just makes sure it is your market you are serving, not yourself.

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