#Style Contest

Written by Martin Lucas
“This is Manchester, we do things differently here”
Tony Wilson
When it comes to Fashion just how right was Tony?
That’s the lens we put on this week's Fashion contest, our focus is looking at posts that use #Style on Instagram and comparing posts from people in Manchester to the people in London. 24,028 posts in total so who wins? A question we need to ask first is what are we judging them on?
What is Style?
Something that allows you to stand out but almost in that backhanded compliment way, your attention is captured but you can’t always say why. Emotional Intelligence is a strong component of style, being able to articulate a feeling and a mood simply by what you show, what you wear, your pose and your attitude.
Our Winners from Manchester:
 goodwinsmithuk Shown not on white background or in a pack shot style as you see almost all the time on Instagram but a product in an actual environment - shock and awe I hear - with the bold primary colour taking centre stage these shoes take courage to pull off, one might call that style!
 megurbaniak This image tested super high when put through our scientific model, it is of course the colour flow that strikes the eyeball and grabs your attention. Style works best when you match your personality to what you wear, makes it unique.
kierancritchley Known to us as smart casual, this look combines elements of daywear with nightwear dressing down a smart occasion with ripped skinnies adds personality whilst also abiding to a given dress code. The bow tie adds that extra detail and splash of colour to a predominantly monochrome outfit. A stylish rebel I would say.
 keyla_cristina There is a lot of power in Fashion and even more so in the pose, this image is very captivating, the emotional pull presents style as an attitude along with personality, hard to pull off!
Now for London:
somethingoldsomethingnew1 Old School Sports Luxe! Smart casual with a tad of attitude and laissez faire.
somethingoldsomethingnew1 Something so out of date that never goes out of date! Love a bit of vintage when it comes to style, we are seeing this look on our streets more and more. So much style on show with personality.
beaconsfieldtailors Good afternoon Sir! Always one button gentlemen, it’s a given, full suit, just a blazer or your spring time coat, always just the one button if you care about your style!
troy_wise Ending this week with a frankly beautiful shot, probably takes a minute or two in makeup, maybe one to try for your new Monday morning look?
So, what is Style?Brilliant fun, looking over 24,000 Instagram posts and comparing London and Manchester. A reminder that everything we do is about science, the biggest factor of Style that came up a lot in our model is emotional intelligence. One’s ability to think about how they want the viewer to feel and then creating the story to enable that, every image is a potential story and we sometimes forget that when we are so busy in our jobs. The more emotions you understand and give to your target market the more you will win.
As for this weeks winner, it’s a tough one, our model ran it close, I am also challenged as half our team is in Manchester and half is in London, this will cost me whatever way I choose! The reality is that for specific style examples and hitting the brief the winner is Manchester, the decision rested on the depth of content options we had for Manchester beyond what we have shown, whereas London didn’t run that deep, not for #Style.
We had 178 images that tested really high for Manchester vs 86 for London. Whilst numbers are great the emotions of the ones we picked were outstanding for both locations.