Socially Motivated

Written by Martin Lucas

When we started working on our science model about how different audiences think, we knew that feelings and emotions would matter in all we created, tested and proved. With respect to social media, we had a theory that many companies were caught in what we call a Product Manual Mindset. It simply means that you talk a lot about yourself and your service. You rush. You just think inwardly and all your outward messaging and conversations project this. We knew that this was a common behaviour for an individual, so why would it be any different when it comes to what is projected out on social media? Humans behave the same no matter what they are doing; we are selfish creatures by nature, built that way in order to survive.

What we learned is that to resonate with a market, the key is to look at the world based on what potential customers want instead of what service you provide or making it about you. After all, who wouldn’t be more likely to react positively to something that engages them and connects to them as a person? It just makes sense on a very practical level and yet you can easily check your favourite social media platform and you will see these same gaps for yourself. Time and time again, companies are talking about themselves when they should be focussing on what resonates with their market.

We do a lot of testing for our clients; here is a test we ran last week for a fashion company across a campaign of 10 social posts all designed to ignite a fan base. Have a look at their follower growth:


In proportional terms, this was the % of growth:

Facebook +356 - 4.3%

Twitter +337 - 6.9%

Instagram +55 - 2.5%

This brand has been around for 20 years so that is a pretty good result for only a week's work!

In practical terms, follower growth is only applicable if it is legitimate. Beware the tonnes of fake follower services, which are a cheap and nasty way to create a (false) perception that what your business is doing works. But what you can’t fake are reactions, engagement, comments and - critically - sales conversions, and THAT is what we always hang our hats on. #Results. Check this:

Facebook 788 Shares

Twitter 745 retweets

Instagram 87 comments

10 posts, one campaign. You cannot make up the shares, retweets and engagements - this is gold! Get your fan base growing and engaged and the sales will come through. It’s all strategy, and - guess what? - communicating to people based on what they want REALLY works :-)

It all adds up

The average Facebook user has 338 friends. Take that and multiply it by 788 shares and you have 266,344 potential eyes on our client.

Using the same math on Twitter, average followers are 707 (based on active accounts), multiplied by 745 and that is 526,715 potential eyes on our client.

We did all this by spending £0.00! That’s right, not a penny spent.

This is probably one of the most clearly ‘hey, look at our awesome’ articles I’ve ever written, but I believe in celebrating success.

Plus, we want more customers! Why? Cuz, we are awesome at what we do and we’ve proven that understanding the emotional intelligence of your audience pays back big time!!