Shoe Off: Berlin vs Hong Kong

Written by Martin Lucas
Before we begin this Global shoe off, I have a confession. Don’t tell everyone; it’s a secret…
….I am shoe addict. I love, love, love shoes. I have 83 pairs that I wear and 100+ (rare Adidas) unworn collection. For sneakers, I love Adidas Superstars - rare stuff, not off the rack - and for dress shoes I absolutely adore Jeffery West and occasionally Melvin & Hamilton amongst others. Having built a scientific model to help people grow revenue is one thing but focusing it on a world you love makes it ten times more fun (and easier!). And YES, I can help any shoe brand sell more, and yes, I would take payment in shoes (Blake Stitched please, Mr West).
Phew, I feel better confessing, so now it is show off time. This week I chose Berlin, Milan and Hong Kong and here are the selections after looking at 89,493 Instagram posts:
Berlin A place that is growing in demand for weekends away, Berlin has it going on. Let’s see if the shoes matchup to the nightlife.
Post by chris.ruff Love this style; a pair of shoes should be part of the outfit not an afterthought and Chris knows this. Wow!
Post by fashiongirlsay Glow on glow, nails matching the sneaks, love it!
Post by urealbimbo Does this not make you smile and want to know more? Is that not the gift of the best imagery? Intrigue wins and making people feel happy is a double win.
Hong Kong As unique and crazy party place as you can imagine, the shoes must match up?
Post by andrewkaylasports Ok, boy is it cool, and cool makes us wanna find out more which makes us see more pictures and makes us buy!
Post by mrs.cookies Tone on tone on tonal on tonal treasure chest. Hermes demands the best and Mrs Cookies (great handle) nailed it.
Post by 3be.3be_ll This is a gorgeous background which accentuates the look and the raised heel (even with flats) is super cute and draws the eye to the style.
Milan Milano, Si! Bravissimo....
Post by fancyfranzi90 Fancy Franzi indeed! Like the most gangsta slippers you ever could see. I ‘heart’ them.
Post by glamstiletto Monochrome delight with a nice 50’s pastel background to make you feel at ease and draw attention to those heels. My god that will take some massage the night after the day before.
Post by glamstiletto A 2nd win (from 26,000 posts of Milan) by Glam Stiletto. It is just so Roman Gladiator meets modern chic meets killer style.
The Science Part If there were a science to deal with shoe addiction then please share it with me, otherwise the thing about shoes which is very unique in the fashion world is how personal shoe selection is to the person buying them. The reason for picking such a broad range in this article was to demonstrate that beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to shoes. Now don’t get me wrong, like everything there need to be standards. All of the images tested high in our model but one image will not suit all types of people and being aware of this is the key to selling shoes, so connect with your target market and don’t be afraid to be bold like our nine winners for great results. This makes all the difference; In one live example we had a recent result of 547% above market average clicks on adverts for a client.
Which location wins? Milan takes it, just, but it was much closer than Pocket Squares and Necklaces. Our model had it super close (12 point scoring system) but this is an opinion piece so I say Milan wins and mainly because of the range and boldness. Props to Hong Kong and Berlin as I’d buy all the shoes (I'd gift the ladies pairs).