Prolific North: Mining for quality

Written by Martin Lucas

This is an Interesting case study as we had two clients involved instead of the usual one. The first client was Prolific North, who put on the largest events for eCommerce and Marketing outside of London. This work was for the Prolific North eCommerce event. Our second client was Don’t Panic Projects who run the Sales and Marketing activities on behalf of Prolific North.

They called us in to look at their Communication strategy and - very specifically - to find quality event attendees.

Let me start with the word quality. I’ve written many times about Napoleon Hill and his three-point balance to running a business:

Quantity of Service

Quality of Service

Spirit of Service

Let’s pause on this. We know that Quantity is driving the ‘profit for profit’s sake’ world of today, while Quality is a diminishing standard and Spirit is more about booze than behaviours. Martyn at Prolific North runs the event and he was clear form the start about Quality, Quality, Quality. This really piqued our interest as aligns perfectly with our ethics, so our determination was deeply engaged.

What does quality represent when it comes to an event? We took an approach at considering the mindset of an event exhibitor; to them, quality is not having simply an army of ‘pen grabbers’ in attendance, which is common at events. We’ve all been there; all you want is a quality discussion about how you can help people and instead you get freeloaders who come for free pens, USBs and mugs. We figured out that to bring more quality you had to show WHY quality potential attendees should believe in what they can gain at the event.

Stuff like this:

“Great ability to engage with the subject and get a meaningful dialogue going that elicited genuine responses. How the challenges we have versus the needs of the client can be distilled into the 4 pillars of communication.”

Martyn Collins, Exhibition Director, eCommerce Show North

Our solution for go-to-market communications - The Four Pillars - raised its head again. It works so well because it’s about behaviours. The Four Pillars is akin to values but actually provides a framework everyone can follow as four clear guidelines of what your market wants and who you are as a brand. As part of creating the Four Pillars, we designed an interview process to help drive the answers needed (and this also included executing all the interviews). We’ve done hundreds of interviews in our work and we roll out this process wherever needed, in this case representing the quality of the event by using the voices of its very own exhibitors.

Here is an example:

This gave Prolific North more value to market out. Here is what Jemma thought:

“You made me realise the importance of the value of what you’re selling and giving the audience a value takeaway. This was really shown through the videos you created with the speakers discussing their topics and what people would gain from coming and listening to them.”

Jemma Edwards, Digital Marketing Manager, Don’t Panic Projects

and Martyn:

“Mastermindset helped give some clarity to some of our communications challenges. The video interviews opened up a new communication channel between us and our clients that we are now building upon. We're now intending to incorporate video interviews into our usual pre-event marketing activity.”

Martyn Collins, Exhibition Director, eCommerce Show North

Then we iced the cake by identifying highly effective keywords based on the point of view of each interviewee; those keywords were then used to ignite Prolific North’s social media activity surrounding the event. We then attended the event, delivered a talk about getting inside the mind of your customers, you can see more about that here. We are also delivering a similar type of gains-based talk at their next event - YAY!

It’s a fantastic event. We loved the quality focus and it’s always a good sign when the relationship is delivering more projects ;-) Let’s have Jemma and Martyn have the final say:

“If you want a deeper and greater insight into the behaviour and habits of your potential customers then give Mastermindset a call!”

Jemma Edwards, Digital Marketing Manager, Don’t Panic Projects

“We've only just started really but we're excited about the potential for better relationships that create improved marketing communications for the business, our events and the clients. Talk to Mastermindset, they will help open your eyes to different and effective ways to engage with your clients.”

Martyn Collins, Exhibition Director, eCommerce Show North