A problem solving session

Problem solving focused on your immediate need.

  • A creative exploration
  • Simple process (video call or in person)
  • Outcome is ideas and strategies to action right away

Then we give you some options and you can decide what you want to do next.

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Helping solving problems is our #1 focus and passion

"Besides landing with clarity on the options in front of us, what impressed me about working with the Mastermindset team was the relatively small amount of information they needed to get their heads around the challenge, and their comfort with ambiguity. It meant we could work in workshop form, at good pace, with MM as true sounding board rather than losing time in debate about facts."

Costas Papaikonomou, Co-founder, Happen

“Martin developed a structure and prices for the team to buy into without this having to be constantly re-enforced by myself, process and focus wins!”

David Mallon, CEO, Elvis Jesus

"We implemented Martin's suggestions to segment our users into 3 buckets.

We repositioned our landing pages around these 3 buckets of user, depending on what channel they entered the site from.

Our conversion rate from 0.81% to 4.5%! Is that 562%?!"

Stuart Logan, CEO, Twine