Platform Growth: Supply Clouds is Raining Money

Written by Martin Lucas


This week we are sharing the success that Supply Clouds has achieved:

  • Full User Experience (UX) review including bug fixing plan with 34 fundamental fixes
  • Springboard for Growth: On-boarding plan creation and execution
  • 700%+ Customer acquisition increase
  • 12x Sales pipeline increase
  • CEO mentoring

A particularly fun project for us as we have a strong platform, app and software as a service (SaaS) background. Part of our research to create our model was breaking the algorithms of Facebook and Linkedin. We did this because we know user experience matters!

Very much like consumer businesses, the joy of any platform is that you are dealing with behaviours of a mass audience. The main difference is that with consumer growth, it is more emotive in terms of how you want people to feel, whereas on platforms, you want to avoid feelings, the key is making everything easy relative to the goals of what the platform has been created to solve for people.

The Supply clouds platform was developed to solve the multiple stresses in the education recruitment process. With budgets decreasing across the UK in education and pupil numbers increasing, they set about reinventing a subjective and 'old school' process into a technology & quantitative data driven industry that allows the best agencies to rise to the top. What does that mean?

Supply clouds is the first ever 3 way platform for supply teachers, recruitment agencies and the schools. It has real time tracking to ensure that if a teacher is late, the schools know in advance. This is a feature that is still being unrepresented in so many industries. It changes behaviours and generates happiness when done well. Uber started it, solving the ‘where is my taxi?’ frustration.

Their clients have the ability to be over 10x more effective than their competitors using the traditional methods. Fundamentally meaning they can cut costs and drive revenues equating to a lower cost for schools and better pay for teachers whilst still increasing profits. Everybody wins if it delivers what it says. That is where we began. Here is the report we ran in advance of starting any work. We do this for free so the potential client can see the types of insight our full report will generate and connect the dots for growth.

That set the path for Jonathan the CEO to agree to work with us. We began with a lot of testing from the app, desktop and UX flow and used that insight to create a bug fix plan and a new features development plan, which will evolve to a product roadmap. As you can see from the report, we have a lot of strategic work to do covering customer growth plans, onboarding, training and user personas across the 3 types of customers.

The biggest focus for us is always how you want your customer to feel. If you can manage their actions to be as positive as possible, you will win BIG. Here is what Jonathan has to say:

What moments of frustration did we help solve?

The key issue we were finding was that we were releasing feature changes without testing them properly. Mastermindset came in and acted as the layer between the client and the development team ensuring we built a testing process before we go live. This has created a much more efficient process and we no longer have the bug issue we previously had before this process.

Where did you see positive changes?

Mastermindset looked at end user behaviour and made changes by figuring out what they needed. This is very important for a product like ours as we are creating a new market and trying to change existing behaviour. They attack all problems like a mathematician and scientist rather than with subjective change that ‘he thinks is right’. This has allowed us to really understand the end user needs and in turn increase the number of clients we have signed.

Which results impressed you the most?

The speed of which the platform has re-launched since Mastermindset has come into the company. It has been quite outstanding it’s the first time in my life that I’ve been under promised and over delivered. The speed with which we have solved issues, built new features and onboarded agencies has impressed me the most.

What has made you happier about the changes we brought?

The changes have made my business more efficient and our communication better. It has also allowed me as a CEO to take a step back from the business whilst having an expert oversee the most important aspect - the product. The layer of testing you have added has been fundamental to the progression of the business.

What would you say to another company about us?

Please don’t hire them so they can work in my business full-time.

You're talking about individuals on a different level whom have the skill set to transform any business. Swallow your ego and hire people better than you. That is what I have done with great success.