#OOTD: Global Feelings

Written by Martin Lucas
Our mission this week was to explore #ootd as in outfit of the day. We were tasked to do this globally. Here is what went down.
Unlike last week where we examined #style, the context is very different with #ootd. Here is what it means to me.
It is always a very literal thing. Today I'm wearing a v-neck t-shirt, 3 necklaces, 2 bracelets with cords and snakeskin sneakers. Tomorrow I know I'll be rigged up in a block colour wool blazer, white shirt, tie, flower lapel pin and checked trousers. I dress based on what I am doing and how I want to feel when doing it. Dressing well gives me more confidence.
When working with clients to grow sales, feelings are always a strong focus. We've proven the power of understanding emotional intelligence over and over and it works really well. How you engage your customers begins and ends with the image. If the image doesn't make their subconscious (where their feelings sit) react then they won't read your message, you won’t react and your opportunity has been missed.
The Feelings Game With that in mind, our goal this week was to run our model looking at the positive mood our winners are generating. Let’s have some fun- I’ll shoot for single words that I feel they are projecting (agree or disagree, we would welcome a fun debate @gapinthematrix & @TheFashionNetUK ).
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What is a feeling? A feeling is a much wider state of being that we sometimes assume. You can feel cool as much as you can feel alive. It’s not as simple as happy, sad, grumpy, mad but they are good starting points.
Understanding feelings and the feelings you want to project, gives you a clear target for the people you want to engage. The more you give them the feelings that match what they like, the more you win.
If you are selling anything related to fashion, you can magnify this. Every product has a feeling that will make people more likely to engage and buy. The more you feel, the more you will win.
#OOTD This article was to demonstrate the power of emotional engagement. When it comes to an outfit, the beauty is literally in the eye of beholder. That’s a good way to think about how you sell fashion. It’s about the viewer and prospective buyer and how YOU want THEM to FEEL.