One Ring to Rule Them All

Written by Martin Lucas
This week we went for a spin around the world focused on #jewellery, well also #jewelery to respect the alternate spellings depending on the culture you were born in. Culture is interesting when it comes to the emotional intelligence of how we think, what we think about and what makes us buy jewellery or not. Our life experiences create our preferences for one look vs another.
Here is how it works, the brain thinks in repeating patterns and likes what is familiar to it, we humans love consistency particularly if it connects to a happy memory. The happier something makes us feel the more likely you are to act and of course in the fashion world ‘act’ means you buy something.
What makes me happy can be very different to what makes you happy but when it comes to objects like clothing, like jewellery the opportunity to make your target market feel is where you can win. With this in mind, our focus this week was to find emotive stories that images can present.

Play This Game

When you see each image, judge how it makes you feel, one word, happy, sad, amused, angry, disappointed, joy and then at the end I will explain why this matters so much.
Here are our selections from 58,291 Instagram posts:
Post By Stylist_sofiagilensparr Wisdom, funk, rebellion.
Post By Kittykatmandoo Spirituality, conservation, mystical
Post By Vivifashion_byjinanvivian Summer, summer, summer time
Post by Savabijou Colour armada, clean, modern, cool as
Post by Sweat.storeyes Music makes us buy, love music, rep me!
Post by Cnggumus Suave, sophisticated, authentic
Post by Muar_jewelry Droplets of awesome.
Post by Glitzyjewel247 Turquoise heaven
Post by kokossilver Our winner, epic because of the story and intrigue that it made us feel.
How Did You Feel? Why this matters is because each human thinks using images & emotions, it’s how we remember and how we project the future in our heads. Your memory is all feeling and emotion of the moment, it is why certain memories are so precious to us, our brain locks in the feeling and over time we have built millions of these moments and feelings. We are literally talking millions of moments and the vast majority are not super sad or super happy moments, they are simply feelings of how we felt at a given moment. This is a wonderful thing to understand as everything you take in, every single day becomes a potential opportunity for your brain to hunt associations from your past. It can drive your happiness, what makes you laugh, what make you sad, it really does depend on your mood at any given moment. Our brain hunts similar moments to enrich that mood, that is one of the brain’s jobs to confirm your mood, it makes us difficult to deal with at times!
So What? When it comes to fashion if you can understand the emotions you want to generate for anyone who sees your image then you know the emotional story you tell. This means you won’t connect to everybody, only those you want to, that is the exact point of fashion done well, you make it personal to your target market. If you don’t then you will connect to everybody and no one or (as most brands do) get caught in a catalogue mindset, it’s dull, it does not fire the imagination of those who see it. No emotion, no memory, no reason to buy. Every piece of jewellery has an emotional story to tell, you just have to feel it.