Necklaces: Rome vs Paris

Written by Martin Lucas
A big battle of locations, our focus today is Necklaces, Instagram and seeing who has it going on between Rome and Paris.
A necklace is a thing of beauty, the joie de vivre of any outfit is that moment, that feeling, the smile, a happy sigh where you add the necklace to complete your look.
Why is that?
Fashion creates feelings, accessories are reminders of moments in time capturing a gift, a day, a trip and that moment where everything felt just right and what better joy than letting that necklace drop around onto your skin to nail that feeling of the outfit being just so, especially to ice the cake of a dress.
Now we have covered how the correct necklace make you feel, let us have a look at what makes us want to buy a necklace or not, I thought it would be fun to compare Rome and Paris on Instagram, after we analysed 36,768 instagram posts, here are my top 3 picks per location and why they won. Paris:
The aesthetic of this is just wonderful for the very specific buyer it engages, the artisanal look with modern chic.
Boom! I mean, where to start, the allure, the desire, the emotion, handsdown hot, hot, hot. What better to way to entice you to buy (man as a gift AND women just cuz it lovely!!!)
Je ne suis quoi, fin :)
Our science model (so far) generally rejects accessories where no skin or outfit is implied but this one is an outstanding color contrast and it was the start of a winning aesthetic in the paradise that is Rome’s winning way.
Really love the trio approach here, the gold is just bangin’ throughout and whilst you’d happily buy the necklace and bracelet isn’t the ring a little sneaky winner, beautiful shot.
Is this not the flyest necklace you’ve ever seen inside the coolest picture you’ve ever seen? Everything about it is so, so, so, cool.
The Winner? On the one hand in Paris we have a lovely collection of what under normal circumstances I would prefer which is skin based spots which puts the viewer into the look and makes them feel it. However, fashion is funny, our model took two years so hard to argue with science and it clearly shows that Rome is crushing it. On a personal note, I agree and I really, really, really, want the last necklace!!!!
This is a opinion piece using a fraction of our model. If you are a fashion label, e-commerce site or market anything related to fashion drop me a line and I'll help solve one thing for you for free.