Lovin’ Luxurious Luxury

Written by Martin Lucas

What is luxury to you?

To me it’s a holiday somewhere super hot with all kinds of little details like an outdoor hot tub, amazing food and great people (Thailand 2013) or that pair of shoes arriving that you’ve been hovering over the buy button for months obsessing about (every time I have enough money), or simply watching my wife’s smiley happy face when I get her a pair of Jimmy Choos (every time I have money that hasn’t been selfishly spent on myself / every time I do something really wrong and she’s super cross / every birthday, cuz I’m that kinda guy :-) ).

So luxury is a little bit of everything to me. To help you decide your own definitions of luxury, I went for my weekly hunt around Instagram for some #Luxury and #Lux awesomeness.

Here are the winners and why:


Post by nicatravel

Some people would love this kinda chilling and see it as the luxury reward for a hard-earned break #heaven


Post by tanamasa22

Now, who would not love this type of sparkly luxury draped around their neck?


Post by new.billionaire

Bored of the beach hammock? Ok, I got your back; how about chilling in bed by the sea? Lux meets deluxe….


Post by mywcollection

I love a good watch, like all quality high end accessories it’s the feeling of catching it in your eye to remind you that you are winning, which brings smiles. Is that not part of the point? To feel good because you deserve to?!


Post by Man_showroom

I may be biased as these are pretty close to being emoji shoes and they look fancy as, and I love emojis and I love fancy :).


Post by dreamlily1112

It’s a Birkin, end of.


Post by scalziepareati

Coco knows luxury.


Post by luxury_moh

The mandatory Too Many Cars to Drive picture of the celebrity mindset world we live in.

Fear not, luxury is not just about the $$$$ signs on the purchase, it’s whatever makes you happy. Life is too short to worry about what you don’t have (unless it’s shoes), so cherish what you do and have a hit list of luxury to save for or just add debt to get, hehe.

Until next week, what is luxury to you?

This article was originally written for The Fashion network