How to put the human into the 'user' experience

Written by Martin Lucas

Kicking some ass out the concept and methods of user experience aka UX 

Let us win more by putting the human first, here is how:

Insights about how humans make decisions.

The feelings that occur in an experience and how it varies based what we are considering doing or buying.

We throw in Nudge theory via Behavioural Economics.

Explain how bounce rates are stories of what humans are frustrated by.

Also share a neuroscience win for e-commerce sales and on and on we go.

A more human experience makes life easier, more practical and you win much more.

Where the language we use also makes our life easier and helps more humans engage because we make it easy for them to do so.

We need to earn the right to ask for information. In a data sensitive world this is key to understand and to simplify as an output.

We wrap with AI as a teacher and insights about the reward system that humans love.

The overall outcome is that by thinking more about the human experience we make the ‘user’ experience much more dynamic, practical and make conversions far easier.