How Thread Lab Achieved 75% Growth

Written by Martin Lucas

Here are the statistical gain highlights Thread Lab have experienced so far from the work we have done:

63% Engagement increase on site

47.7% Sign ups increase on site

547% CTR above market rate on adverts

75% Increase in paid sign ups

201% Conversion growth on website

For every client we engage we offer them a free one page report which utilizes our Science model and gives 12 initial ideas, we do this for free for two reasons:

Reason 1: Alignment

It allows the client to experience how we operate.

Reason 2: Quality of Service

They can see the gains of our service, which is all about quality and what better way to show your quality than giving them specific ideas.

Here is what the Founder Will had to say:

Our CTR and conversions improved across the board for Facebook, Google Adwords and Retargeting ads.

The overall open rate and click rate of our email drip campaign was the most impressive improvement!

The most eye-opening thing was the speed with which the results happened.

The team has implemented a process that we are now using across all our internal groups, from UX design to customer surveys and customer development. Having a measured and disciplined process is helping us to test, measure and implement in a more effective way.

Neuroscience is helping us get out of the weeds and take a look at the consumer psychology and the decision making that happens - this is something that our team is usually too close to and it's amazing to have a fresh perspective from an outside group.

I'm happier about telling compelling stories that our customers want vs. stories or value propositions we THOUGHT our customers wanted or valued. Martin and his team have helped us refine the story and messaging to impact our business massively.

The Mastermindset Team are fast, effective and easy to work with - their ideas and creativity are smart and straightforward and it's been very simple to implement and test changes that are impacting our KPI's for MyThreadLab.

Thanks Will!

As you saw at the start the results have had some big growth wins, we really liked the Lab part of the Thread Lab service (a strong focus on Machine Learning for us this week, learn more including defining the opportunity here) and after 1,000,000+ data points of research and evaluation we anchored our work on ‘Style Made Easy’ as a theme, that’s what their market wanted and we used this as a check point as we made changes to their social strategy, email communication, website conversions, voice of the brand, Facebook and AdRoll advertising, behavioural audience build, testing by geolocation, habits and behaviours evaluation to increase engagement  and website, UX (user experience), landing page testing and a design experience review.