How The Tie Fix grew year on year sales by 35%

Written by Martin Lucas

The Tie Fix is a subscription service based in New York who offer bundles of two ties plus two accessories automatically sent to you for $14.99 a month!

We delivered 35% year on year revenue growth against a market average for ecommerce of 6.8% and a GDP growth of under 2%.

The Tie Fix asked us to investigate ways to help them grow their subscribers and we delivered this by working on their communications, social media and conversion optimisation of their website.

We began by conducting some market research. The subscription economy is growing, with Dollar Shave Club being a pioneer and many more examples today like The Chapar in the UK and My Thread Lab in the US. Incidentally most subscription services are for men, perhaps confirming we are lazier or less fashionable than women. All are indicators, like Uber, like Slack and like Deliveroo, that we all feel we have less and less time. We are in a economy of immediacy, with Amazon Prime Air leading the way. All good signs for The Tie Fix; they just had to understand how to leverage the needs of their target market and demonstrate the problem they are solving for them. Here is how we did that:


This begins with our Four Pillars of communication; these are four statements using behavioural science with the ultimate goal being that employees in any role at The Tie Fix can use the pillars to keep them on point for the design, the voice, the words they write and processes they create. We have implemented the Four Pillars to great success many times, with the fundamental gain for employees (and suppliers) is that they can relate to them based on the job each of them does.

Here is one of the pillars:

Your time, our expertise. Life made easier.

This pillar anchored a lot of the campaigns we ran on social media, where we had particular keywords to denote how much cooler you could be, how much easier life could be and, finally, how much time you could save whilst still nailing workplace style.

Social Media

Now that we had the prose rolling we needed imagery to connect the dots together, which we did with a number of campaigns focused on:

Aspirational <You can only gain this with us


Style <You can look even better with us


Easier Life <Save time with us


Here are the results:

Statista show a 1.1% growth rate for Facebook pages in 2017. We achieved 43% growth which was completely organic. We didn’t spend a penny on advertising; instead, we focused on the human side (and leveraging their algorithm) to attract more people that way.

Statista also shows that the overall growth rate on Instagram is 1.7%. We achieved 24.1% growth using the same approach as with Facebook but just enough pivots to match the algorithm of Instagram.

That is 40x the market average for Facebook and 15x for Instagram. Pretty awesome!

Conversion Optimisation

This is often way more complex than it needs to be. On the one side, there is a website and on the other side there is a person. The person wants to know this is the product for them, that they are making the right choice and that they won’t be made to look foolish in the process.

If you can add a little temptation then it helps them make the decision your business desires. Temptation comes in many forms and the Psychology of Shopping is a practical science which allows you to give people more of what they want and less of what they don’t. In our experience,  technology can be as much of a hindrance as a help. We work on the basis of making the complex simple and that was a big driver in improving the customer journey and growing The Tie Fix’s revenue by 35%.

Here is what the CEO of The Tie Fix has to say:

“The opportunity or The Tie Fix has never been better, we have a more quality led process and the results have been outstanding. A big recommendation for Mastermindset, the more human thinking you put into your business the more you win”

Parth Sharma, CEO, The Tie Fix