The Fashion Network 85% social growth

Written by Martin Lucas

The Fashion Network was started in 2008. 10 years on, it continues to be a voice for those working in fashion as a networking hub, a jobs board, a place to do deals and a social platform.

They called us in to have a look at their Sales and Marketing strategy. After nearly ten years of operation, they wanted fresh eyes on what they were doing.

We created the strategy which grew their Instagram by 85% in six months; that is a heritage brand wining with zero spend and all organic growth.

To accomplish this, it took a lot of research. It started with the mindset of their user base; we had analysed their CMOs, influencers, digital marketers, fashion workers, designers and day-to-day shoppers. This allowed us to create a mindset persona for each area with a specific focus on what they most cared about, what they desired and when - literally when in a day and week - would they be most susceptible to help and thus engage with The Fashion Network. The fact is that no matter how good your service is, your target market needs consideration as their brains will reject anything that doesn’t align with their mood.

For shopping, we have proven brand upon brand - as you can see in numerous case studies - that there are better and best times to engage with your target market. These times vary depending on what you are selling them, even to the point that socks and underwear peak at different times. The Fashion Network was sitting on a goldmine of content about shopping via influencers AND jobs and career advice AND events AND a network to die for when it comes to fashion brands (established and emerging). It’s very easy to get caught up being busy when there is so much potential going on. We had the ability to step back and plan based on their various content options and the different customers they were serving their content to.

Here is what their CEO, Dale Hicks has to say:

On reflection it is all so simple to achieve with clear thought and vision but you need help to see that! We have a clearer strategy that the team can all work towards, many of the team have learnt and developed during the process.”

So with Dale happy, we now had a plan to delve into the small details of how to structure the social activity. Let’s hear the point of view of their editor, Louise:

“We solved the frustration of not gaining any followers on Instagram. I saw positive changed throughout the engagement within all our social platforms. The engagement we now get on Twitter is more than its ever been. It was eye-opening how such simple changes make such a massive change”

And Instagram was not alone; the overall growth looks like this:


Facebook growth was 11.8% which in my eyes is better than the Instagram stat as Facebook make it nigh on impossible to grow without ads, boosts or more ads.

Twitter was 3.1% which again, not too bad and above market average of under 2%

We also iced the cake by using social media to increase engagement through rewards. Our brains love rewards; it creates excitement and a dopamine hit and The Fashion Network has the network to make it happen:

“We now know to run competitions to engage our followers and also reward them.

Our customers are now seeing TFN as a social platform that people now visit opposed to just being perceived as a website.”

Louise Barlow, Editor, The Fashion Network

We continue to support The Fashion Network and are actively working on their sales, service & content propositions. What say, Dale?

“To help prioritise what is most valuable to work on. The engagement on social media, as a networking business this part is essential for us. Our growth was over 80% on Instagram alone, insane!”

Dale Hicks, CEO, The Fashion Network