How Stoopid Deals grew sales by 89%

Written by Martin Lucas

Stoopid Deals is an eCommerce startup business based in the United States who produce quality products at discounted rates.

We achieved 89% Quarter on quarter revenue growth in a market that has less than 2% GDP and 6.8% eCommerce growth.

We don’t generally work with first-year startups (unless they are Series A funded); the exception here was that Stoopid Deals is part of the Brand Breeders umbrella company which includes Skinny Tie Madness and we have a great relationship with the owner of all the brands, Parth.

Parth asked us to create their sales and marketing strategy. Here are the key points:

A new brand needs a point of view, so we set about researching alternatives to the concept of Stoopid Deals. Were there any winning examples? Where they big business or small? What were their engagement levels on social media?

We then took this insight and did some testing on social media and found there was less of an appetite for their proposition on Twitter but it was well received on Instagram.

We took all that data and then looked at the Science of Decision-Making for their type of product and started testing out what time of day and days of week would create the best engagement. That identified multiple growth opportunities and areas to focus on.

Creatively, we campaigned on the concept of Stoopid Deals having a team hunting around the world for the best products, deals and discounts for their clients. We wanted to create the perception of quality at a good price with a little bit of FOMO in the product releases. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) was key; we live in a world where retail is killing their own value with endless sales and discounts and if consumers think they can buy something anytime, they are more likely to not buy it and not to engage.

A couple of our favourites:


Simplicity wins.


As does aspirational.


Newsletter gif for Black Friday, owning the day hahaahah!

Regarding newsletters, here is a screenshot from Mailchimp. The red line shows the industry average open rates and the pale blue line shows our results:


We achieved over double the industry average, which is a really awesome result.

We believe the key to startups is not to be all things to all people; just focus on your key target market in phase one and then, once you establish yourselves, land and expand. It is counterintuitive to most startup behaviours but it works - focus.

Here was Parth’s opinion:

“I felt Stoopid Deals was a good idea but would be easily lost in the raft of new, new, new that is out there. Engaging Mastermindset meant I knew I would be able to judge the results for myself ad they are always clear, helpful and very creative. The growth speaks for itself”