How Something Strong grew sales by 947%!

Written by Martin Lucas

Something Strong is an eCommerce Fashion business based in the United States who produce a range of mens clothing, accessories and gadgets.

Something Strong is an eCommerce Fashion business based in the United States who produce a range of mens clothing, accessories and gadgets.

While the USA’s GDP growth is less than 2% and eCommerce as way of shopping is growing at 6.8% per annum, we generated 947% year on year revenue growth for Something Strong - a pretty awesome result!

Something Strong asked us to review their go-to-market strategy and we looked at everything from the voice being used, the imagery on the site and in social media, the story being told and ultimately how to connect the dots to their founder’s passion. They have only been operating for a couple of years which adds context as the growth surprised us just as much; you can’t hide from numbers :).

Our Approach

Research: We used our ‘Gap in the Matrix’ method to understand areas the marketplace would be more receptive to and where the competition was missing out. Consider that every marketplace is a matrix of behaviours, words, images, engagement, the things you do, the things you don’t, and it’s the same for the competition. Our methodology is to hunt the gaps and find the solutions, which works really well as you can judge for yourself. What we found was a strong founder’s story and approach to design: great quality at a great price. So we leveraged that effectively in storytelling on social media.

Planning: We then took this insight and worked on it using our ‘Science of Decision Making’ invention; this is where you can understand why someone would buy a product and, in the case of fashion, what time of day they’re more open to this. Time is key, you are less likely to want to buy a tie at 7:15am vs, say, underwear, and equally there are moments over the weekend that would surprise you about buyers’ behaviours. It’s all about mindset.

Execution: The final step is to create the Four Pillars of Communication. These are four statements using behavioural science with the ultimate goal being that employees in any role at Something Strong can use the pillars to keep them on point for the design, the voice, the words they write and processes they create.  An example:

We represent the guy who wants to look good.

This is a simple pillar which matches the pricing, value, quality and market where we felt Something Strong could win the most amount of customers.

Clothing purchase decision-making is about knowing you can trust a brand, particularly if it’s a new brand, so we included that in the process and focused on the user experience of the site so there was a consistent flow from social to site to purchase. We also added more of this context to Something Strong’s newsletters to give affirmation for repeat purchases.

Our Actions

We used storytelling as the essence of all promotional activity. Here are some of our favourites from social and newsletters, including WHY (every why has a science-based reasoning):


We love a good GIF; this was the lead for our New Year newsletter - 2018 is yours to own - and this flowed into New Year sales items. We focussed on fun, aspirational messages linked to clothing gains, which is always a good psychological approach.


GIF for Black Friday with a carousel of items. This got an amazing response of clicks through to purchases. This is why I love GIFs, it’s six seconds to tell a story and hit home; GIFs work so well because the imagination and unconscious mind take in data very quickly so they can absorb more in less time than we realise.


This was the tagline and image we used to sign off newsletters; it was full of easter egg surprises for those who clicked :).

Regarding newsletters, here is a screenshot from Mailchimp. The red line shows the industry average open rates while the light blue line shows our results:


As with other case studies, we delivered more than twice the market averages, always good confirmation to know you’re on the right path.

We continue to support Something Strong and this is what their founder, Simon Strong, had to say:

“947% revenue growth, what more can I say or need to say? Lots of clarity, great creativity and super clear reporting, happy!”