How Plant Faced Clothing grew revenue by 33.9%

Written by Martin Lucas

Plant Faced Clothing is a fashion company focused on spreading the word of ethical and vegan clothing with a strong design edge.

We achieved 33.9% quarter vs quarter revenue growth.

They asked us to look at their go-to-market strategy with a specific focus on identifying and securing new customers. This was a really interesting challenge for multiple reasons:

1. Their founder, Charlie, is a firework of skills and one of the best natural creatives we’ve had the pleasure of working with. It was less about doing and more about strategic thinking for us, and this led us down more of a UX and storytelling route.

2. The designs are epic, check it out. On the money for their vegan target market? You bet! And even better, Charlie was already in front of the Neuroscience trigger that we identified which is simple: show more lifestyle, show more faces in your product imagery and you will convert more.

Cool, right?

3. Veganism is growing and growing. It’s beyond a trend these days; it’s a movement, as the world is becoming more and more aware of animal welfare. Animals have feelings, you know; their psychology is not that different from humans, we just happen to think about made up stuff (consciousness) that they don’t. Vegan matters and Plant Faced Clothing is doing their part.   

Collectively, this had us exploring the Emotional Intelligence side of their target market. If you are a Vegan, how do you think? What do you care about? What would make you engage more readily? Part of the answer was in Charlie herself; she is a very inspirational character to hang out with and her reasons for the starting the company were about positive change where money was a by-product. We believe the more you can show your audience the WHY of your passion, the more you will win. Here is what Charlie has to say:

“Martin really took a deep look into understanding what the brand was all about, how we could position ourselves for the unique brand we are, what makes our customers tick, think about how to tell unique 'stories' about the products, in our email marketing, etc. The guys came up with some awesome UX ideas to improve some pain points and further engage with customers, some changes implemented of which, along with ongoing coaching/catch up sessions, undoubtedly have influenced our growing success over the past year.”

As Charlie mentions, we used our storytelling insights and put this to work in the User Experience (UX) of the site. Behavioural Science teaches you that it’s not just the words you use or indeed how you phrase them but the imagery is also really key. Combine that with the insights we referenced earlier from Neuroscience and then sprinkle in Emotional Intelligence and Consumer Psychology and you have a large part of our behaviour change model rolling. We then take those insights and spin them into instructions we put through our human-centric design methodology to output a plan. Here is what happened:

“Martin really helped me to realise the importance of connecting and engaging emotionally with customers - something I'd never really given much conscious thought to before. Whether it be through the choice of imagery used, changing copy & messaging, how pages are structured, what is displayed on pages, and wherever opportunities arise to add delight.”

Plant Faced Clothing has seen some awesome upsides and we enjoyed this project as there was so much focus on thinking and behaviours and that’s one of the most exciting things to work on to induce change.

Check their design quality and the power of the photography:

How cool is that? Great storytelling photography wins.

We will end with multiple examples from Charlie’s point of view. First up is a UX change:

“Changing all the product image thumbnails from plain product mockup images to lifestyle shots of models wearing the clothing was one I hadn't considered but I think has seemed to create a big improvement in terms of customers being able to see it on a real life human and more likely to purchase.”

New ways to think:

“Definitely have much more careful consideration behind every decision to how it will personally connect and help build an emotional relationship or rapport with the audience.”

New ways to feel:

“More confidence and knowledge in general about how important it is to consider the audience's emotions and reaction to every step of the way in the flow. Confident understanding now of how all decisions should be guided by first & foremost ensuring it is one which will positively influence the ability of our brand to connect emotionally with customers.”

Here is some cool stuff that happened following our work with Plant Faced Clothing:

Press coverage Uproxx

Won a "Best of Vegan Award" at Unicorn Goods

Nominated for an award by VegFest UK

And finally a suggestion from Charlie :)

“Work with them! These guys have the unique ability to really delve into understanding your brand personality and unique positioning, and how to relate that back to creating a unique emotional connection with customers. Ultimately they really care and understand the psychology behind your customers, and their passion for this shines through in all interactions. An absolute pleasure to deal with.”

Charlie McEvoy, Founder, Plant Faced Clothing

Thanks Charlie! Go Plant Faced!