Local Drug Testing New Zealand 20x revenue growth

Written by Martin Lucas

Local Drug Testing is a company based in New Zealand that provides employee drug testing services. This is a legal requirement in New Zealand and part of the Government's response to the challenges of meth usage.

Over just six months, we helped Local Drug Testing achieve a 20 times increase in sales which has led to plans for further expansion.

We were recruited to look at their go-to-market strategy. Their founder Rajan knew he had identified an opportunity and he just needed to know how to connect the dots. We accomplished this by putting together a process based on the below needs that we saw based on interactions with their founder Rajan. We then applied our behaviour change model to distill the following focus areas:


Sales approach


Pricing Strategy

For this case study, we will let Rajan do the talking as he has some great insights.


“Defining my goals - this was something I was hesitant to define because of doubt in myself, not my idea. Mastermindset outlining my business plan gave me steps to achieve my goals and providing techniques to close sales - this was critical - understanding the decision-making process from a client's perspective understanding the root cause of my self doubt.

Helping me become aware of the my potential - choosing to accept the reality that my skill set is good and proven.”

Sales approach:
“By clarifying what I wanted to achieve it gave my mind a solid enough base that doubt wasn't able to penetrate as easily. Then by implementing the sales techniques, within two weeks of implementing changes I started seeing results. The ease with which I started a) getting meetings and b) closing sales. This just wasn’t happening before I started coming to Martin for advice.”

“That when you have the right plan, thinking and techniques in place is becomes easy to make money.  Its utterly fascinating. I've learned a whole heap more about the process the decision-maker (client I need to close) goes through. with that knowledge I can use the sales techniques Marty provided me ease the DM over potential roadblocks. Previously I was all charm and whirlwind of activity - all hat and not cattle if you will. Now I am clearing the land and I can see the potential for this business is unlimited.”

Rajan Murti, CEO, Local Drug Testing Company New Zealand

Pricing Strategy:

“I went from $500 a month to $2000 four fold increase ... to $10000 twenty fold increase! That's in six months from initially speaking to Martin in May ‘17 to what I billed in January ‘18. That's a one man business now expanding.”

A very happy customer and a further example of how our behaviour change model works so effectively because we use practical science to put the human first (client, and then target market) and positive change comes with it.