How do you style your life?

Written by Martin Lucas

Our focus this week is investigating the best of Instagram when it comes to #Lifestyle

The life you live represents you right? It’s your happy, your beliefs, the stuff you dig, it is your world. This has a flow not just into the clothes you put on your body but where you take that body, what you paint on it, what you eat, drink and what makes you merry.

Here is our selection of people representing the life they stand for:


Post by Jmcnaden_model

Boba Fett - Darth Vader - Stormtrooper - Tattoo armada of awesomeness! If you saw this guy walking down the street in a suit you wouldn’t know his torso is completely covered in tats, that’s the joy of lifestyle, you pick what you want to show when you want to show it.


Post by Cecilia J Rose             

Passionfruit Mojito > Drools, want, want, want. Love the moodiness of the lighting which draws you even closer to the drooly drinks.


Post by   iveta_aleksova_life_style

It would be a disservice to lifestyle if we didn’t find and show a happy fashion shot. Lifestyle at its finest, dressing for the occasion is very lifestyle!


Post by giorgiamondani

This is a great environment shot but cleverly done to draw your eye to the watch and then jewelery.


Post by specialweddingbook

Is getting married a lifestyle? Whilst it was for Elizabeth Taylor we like the tenderness and clever insinuation of the ring around the couple. A lifetime commitment for a lifestyle moment.


Post by home__inspo_

Flamingo wallpaper! This wall art way of decorating a room is very individualistic and shows one’s artistic flair.


Post by dj__jc

Bag, boots, accessories, sunnies, dark clothing. This is reppin’ lifestyle like no other!


Live your life, represent yourself. Enjoy moments like this.


Everything in the fashion world is aligned to lifestyle:

Wood Wood - Skateboarding

Gucci - Affluent Luxury

Red Ear by Paul Smith - Artisanal Cool

Adidas Superstars - HipHop & Graffiti

Even looking at #lifestyle you see big brands like Paul Smith and Adidas have a specific purpose for different ranges and models of shoes. The customer decides which clothing aligns to their lifestyle, it’s worth remembering that whatever you say, whatever you show in your images, whatever you design…

….does it represent the lifestyle your market desires?

This Article was original written for the Fashion Network