How Clever Doormats grew sales by 71%

Written by Martin Lucas

Clever Doormats is an eCommerce business based in the United States who produce funny doormats.

Clever Doormats contacted us because they wanted to increase their direct sales business. Previously, their main priority was wholesale with direct sales making up 28% of their sales. They asked us to review their go to market strategy with a particular focus on how to attract customers and what voice to use to do so.

We generated 71% year on year revenue growth on overall revenue, not just direct. This led to the business being successfully sold to another company.

Here is what their founder Parth Sharma has to say:

“We sold the business! What more can I say beyond growth, strategy, science that works and HUGE growth and did I mention, we sold the business!”

Our Approach

Research: We used our ‘Gap in the Matrix’ method to understand areas the marketplace would be more receptive to and where the competition was missing out. Consider that every marketplace is a matrix of behaviours, words, images, engagement, the things you do, the things you don’t (and the same for the competition). Our methodology is to hunt the gaps and find the solutions; it works really well and you can judge that for yourself. This method allows us to create the keywords that would attract customers based on their need for a fun, engaging experience and service.

Planning: We then took this insight and analysed it using our ‘Science of Decision Making’ invention. This is where you can understand not just why someone would buy a product but also when they are more likely to buy and ultimately how to make that happen.

Execution: The final step is to create the Four Pillars of communication. These are four statements using behavioural science which have the ultimate goal of guiding anyone in the business - whatever their role to Clever Doormats - to keep them on point for the designs, the voice to use, the words they write and processes they create. An example:

Your home needs an entrance that matches your personality.

We identified that purchasing a doormat had a psychological element; after all, it’s your front door and represents who you are and what you want people to know about you. It shows your personality! So the above pillar is there to remind us of that and to make it part of all we did.

Our Actions

We took a humour-first approach to our activities and (with zero spent on adverts) our focus was on social media, improving the user experience (UX) of the site and email via newsletters. Interestingly, you might presume that once you have one Doormat, you don’t need another but the newsletters brought us some incredible results, partly because we leveraged the personality angle and we also helped existing customers gift discounts to their friends.

Here is a screenshot from Mailchimp. The red line shows the industry average open rates. The light blue line above it shows our results (2-3 times above market rates) and the dark blue line shows the Click through rates (CTR).


These are crazy good stats resulting from a number of campaigns we raun using humour and pop culture, all designed for a specific type of person. As you will see in all our case studies, everything we do is organic and focused on quality; this is because we don’t want followers for the sake of it for our clients, we want customers.

Customers who like this kinda stuff worked for Clever Doormats, Halloween:


Campaign and changes to website:


And a gif for Cyber Monday sales!


As the business was sold, we did ourselves out of more work (haha)! Not entirely true, as we are continuing to apply the same type of methods to Parth’s other businesses to see what else we can grow for him. A happy customer - job well done.