How Amirab Achieved 457% Revenue Growth

Written by Martin Lucas

Doing something different is not as easy as it may seem. Last week with DrugFAM the challenge was behavioural change, this week we are reviewing how we helped Amirab grow revenue by 457%. Their challenge was creating a Tribe of believers (as Seth Godin calls it).

To understand how to build your Tribe you need to understand:

Who they are

Where they spend their time

What they like

How they think

What will attract them to you

Amirab and their founder Roda was created to serve the Luxury Modest Womenswear (per the Guardian a $484bn market by 2019!) market. That is where we began our journey with Amirab, reviewing all they were currently doing to serve this market.

We are often looking for what we call the gaps in the matrix. Which simply means finding opportunities to enable growth by focusing on what the target market cares about, not the founder, not the employee, not the supplier, just what the market wants, the potential customer comes first!

Then we take that insight and work out how to inject it into what the brand represents. It is a two way street of balance, you can’t just say oh we love dresses just because your target market does and expect that to work.

Any target market can be defined by their emotional intelligence. What you think about and feel when buying a book is different from what you think and feel when considering what item of clothing to buy. Even the item of clothing matters as the emotional intelligence needs of a scarf buyer are very different to that of a formal dress buyer.

If you can zero in on who you are built to serve then you can create the experience that engages them to buy, to become fans, to follow you, to believe in you! That is tribe building using emotional intelligence and that is what we are best at.

Once we had run our model we created a plan to change the website wording to make it represent more of the passion of and understanding the design aesthetic of the founder Roda and we flowed that into each aspect of the customer journey from social images through communication.

The instagram strategy was a key part of this, it’s a thriving billion dollar marketplace of influencers and we created both the engagement and messaging strategy for the affiliates to use alongside the affiliate financial model itself. The financial model is just as key as the creative side, we made sure it has incentives so that it’s not just one hit wonder growth and dies. On top of this we looked at advertising, catwalk examples and ran over 100,000+ images on Instagram for this target market and also into other similar examples, looking at what wins and why.

All social media is math and emotions, the math is the hashtags and messaging to hit home and the emotion is how you want and indeed expect your target market to feel. Throw in user experience and design experiences and we had Amirab rocking, it just left one last piece to nail the growth.

Collection launch strategy



As you can see the luxury is clear in their products, I personally love the small details when it comes to luxury design and Amirab is doing this very well. Sometimes we are all guilty of assumptions. Amirab may serve a ‘modest’ market but that is the type of buyer not the look and feel of the designs. That was our advice for the new collection, just let your passion, design aesthetic and belief flow. Elle Magazine also thinks the new collection rocks, they are now ranked in the top 10 Globally!

The founder, Roda thoughts on our support:

“What you helped me understand was to try different methods to market the products by changing prices, descriptions, images and improving the products presentation to the customers. Also data analysis to understand the customer's behaviour on the website in order to improve customer experience on the website. What is great about having you on board is one to one relationship and the prompt response you get which gave me confidence”

If you want to check out their new collection you can do so here

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