Global T-Shirt Hunt

Written by Martin Lucas
So far in our weekly product hunt we have looked in Berlin, Hong Kong, Milan, Rome and Paris for the best images relating to Shoes and Necklaces.
This week I wanted to go 100% global as we hunted the best t-shirts, or the ultimate casual item of cool as I like to think of it. For me personally I am always looking for emerging brands or smaller players, if the quality of execution is good then it simply means I have found a unique look. Quality to me is like the silk print and feel of Passarella Death Squad vs say Undefeated, a brand I love but their t-shirts are a cheap print and it fades after 5-10 washes, boo, so even as a fan I don’t buy.
I used our scientific model which helps show me what is cool, here are my top 5 and why from 43,909 instagram posts.
Post by A very stylistic shot. It’s intrigue that makes close up pictures win versus the normal winning standard of a full body outfit shot.
post by viralhashtagtees Party time! Love this play on words and images, can you figure it out? Always a cool touch, the puzzle wrapped in cool.
post by azulstyle A bit of attitude and positive fight against the machine, I like the yellow background and from a buyer's perspective it draws the eyes to yellow inside which is the message and the reason to buy.
post by gvsistersdesenzano This is just cool, I have been predicting the return of the texture heavy look of the 90’s and this is just fun and so different but still looks the biz.
by brandstoreerkek The ONLY shot which represented a look. From a science point of view and making people buy more this a stone cold winner.
The Science Part A reminder that the analysis was from 43,909 posts on instagram, for anyone selling t-shirts you can do much better by simply showing the details or the outfit. It took me a lifetime of study and two years for us as a team to analyse and create a model to help companies grow and sell more of their product, that takes engagement with your marketplace, to pull them into what they could achieve in their look via you! The key to engagement is to recognise that social media is not the same as stock images on a website, even websites and stock images we are still caught in that era of a physical catalogue, we present our stock in a far too functional way. It’s time to evolve as that is how companies grow, they show the interaction with the product, in this case it’s helping people imagine what the t-shirt would look like and the winning formula is close ups or full body shots showing someone in an outfit, we need to prompt people so they can see how they can win from it. You can still have the stock dimension pictures but start with the creative options, set your target market free to imagine what the t-shirt would look like on, how it would feel.
The Winner Props to all the top 5 here, it was a really large field we looked at and for sheer creative thinking and presentation the G&V Sisters and their 3D flamingo takes the prize!