Free Book Chapter: Nature vs Nurture vs Virtue

Written by Martin Lucas

Here is a Chapter of the book 'Preparing for the World in 2028', we are gifting this so you can experience it.

Chapter as a PDF:

Polar Opposite Theory: Nurture vs Nature vs Virtue

A preview:

Polar Opposite Theory: Nature vs Nurture vs Virtue Roll up! Roll up! We have the battle of the universe in front of us. In one corner we have the Seven Deadly Sins as trained by Jesus in Biblical times (Nature). In the other corner we have the Seven Actions of Man trained by Aristotle in Philosophical times (Nurture). In the third corner (I know right!) we have the Seven Virtues trained by the love child of Greek Philosophy and St Paul of Tarsus (Virtues). Now, first of all the rules of this contest:
  1. The first rule of NVN club is don’t talk about NvN club
  2. The 2nd rule of NVN club is don’t get confused about Nature vs Nurturevs Virtues as we will explore all.
  3. The 3rd rule NVN club is to set yourself free from your conditional bias.I am not looking at this to debate Science vs Religion or Beliefs vs Rules, uh-uh. Instead I am simply exploring the absolute truth of todays world.
  4. The fourth rule of NVN is I am Philosophising about the three of them and looking at which one wins in todays world. Here is the challenge statement:
Are human behaviours today governed by Nature or by Nurture or by Virtue?
A preview of the book cover itself: Preparing-for-a-World-in-2028-book-cover-v2-print-2.png