Free Book Chapter: Achieve your potential

Written by Martin Lucas


Here is the first Chapter of the book 'Preparing for the World in 2028', we are gifting this so you can experience it.

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Achieve your potential with the Creatures of Habit

A preview:

Welcome to the inside of your mind. Here you’ll find your Creatures of Habit.
They may seem to be strangers but in fact, you already know the creatures well. They are part of all of us. You just don’t realise it quite yet. First let’s look at what makes a habit. Habits form a huge part of our everyday actions. The more we repeat certain thoughts and behaviours, the easier they become to perform. Eventually, these thoughts and actions become automatic. It’s estimated almost 50% of our daily actions are a force of habit. If you’ve ever learned to drive, you’ll remember it also seems impossible at first. Working the gears, pedals, signals, lights and wipers, whilst avoiding pedestrians at the same time. Then, after enough time, it just clicks. It becomes second nature as your brain has switched to auto-pilot, freeing up precious thinking resources for more important tasks, like tuning your favourite radio channel. A preview of the book cover itself: Preparing-for-a-World-in-2028-book-cover-v2-print-2.png