Elvis Jesus Growth

Written by Martin Lucas

Elvis Jesus is a men's fashion label that has been operating for 20 years.

We DOUBLED their online sales for 2017 in just six months

Their CEO, David Mallon, asked to look at their go- to-market activities with the aim of finding new customers, creating repeat business and enhancing their marketing communications.

Here are the highlights of how we achieved this growth:

Research: This is always key. We treat each client as though they are a person; they have values, things they stand for, opinions they want to share and things that make them happy. Elvis Jesus hit 20 years of existence in 2017 and that is what we anchored our activities on:

20 years of pushing the boundaries of design,

executing with quality and representing the rocknrolla lifestyle

This now anchors their Instagram profile and was the foundation of all aspects of our campaigns and activities.

Process: We put together lots of creative ideas, processes and plenty of testing to prove our concepts across a number of fields and platforms:








Call to actions

Website UX

Emotional Keywords

Influencer strategy


Tons of GIFs <My bias ‘cus it works!

Here are some of the highlight wins:

Crystal Head Competition

Collaboration between brands is awesome. The goal is to find matching brand types which creates a better engagement between your respective audiences. The Crystal Head Vodka brand is cool, Elvis Jesus is cool and wow, did the audience ever agree!

The social sharing was epic; every share is potential new eyeballs onto your brand for each network times every share:

Facebook 788 shares

Twitter 745 retweets

Instagram 87 comments <Same as a share on that platform. Overall this mean 266,000 eyes on the brands and a 235% sales increase during the competition timeline.

All done organically with ZERO spend on ads, boost or anything else.

Here is what their CEO, David Mallon has to say:

“As an old skool  fashion industry expert of more than 25 years following a traditional B-B model the marketing/social media requirements to reset the model and sell directly to the consumer was like looking into a black hole filled with bullshit and bullshitters..having tried and failed to find a solution myself working with Martin and MasterMindSet offered a credible and commercial solution and took the frustration out of having to deal with social media con men.”

This is what is now happening on Instagram for competitions, really big numbers and designed to give Instagram algorithm what it loves so it loves Elvis Jesus back.

Greatest Hits

Consider how long 20 years is. If you are a retail business and survive for this long you must have a lot of loyal fans. That brings the opportunity to leverage nostalgia and nothing sells like that feeling of happy days gone by. David had been playing around with an idea for a while about bringing back some classic designs. Because of the strong rebel, music and rocknrolla nature of the brand, we brought it to life with by naming it ‘Greatest Hits’.

This was a big passion play for us and our team really wanted it to perform well. We went out to the Elvis Jesus fans and ran some research - what designs would you love to see come back?

We got loads of responses, more than expected and definitely enough to confirm it was a good idea and also to help us skim down the list of past bestsellers. And we knew exactly what designs potential buyers wanted! We then implemented a campaign to build excitement. It sold out in 8 days.

More from Davids point of view:

“Organic following has grown month and month and I have a real sense of working with people who understand me and the brand and what we are trying to achieve”

All because of GIFs (lmao, ok not solely because of GIFs). We did a lot of great work and fantastic research, engaging with EJ fans, and the designs are epic. But we do love a good GIF.

Social growth

This is the before and after of getting your engagement right on social media. We think we can do even better in 2018 and that's a big part of our focus moving forward. David has also asked me to become their COO and look after the operations side which is a pretty good endorsement of a happy client (it’s the third time it has happened since we began Mastermindset, two board positions and now this - it’s an honour).

Once in a while life delivers a bucket list moment; this happened because one of my 2017 goals was to spend more time working with fashion companies. It’s always been a passion of mine and we were also sitting on a lot of innovation relative to how the brain works when purchasing products. We have many retail case studies and the icing on the cake was Elvis Jesus - the bucket list item. It is a brand I have followed as a customer for 20 years; it’s cool and working with them was a dream come true for me.

“Mastermindset developed a structure and prices for the team to buy into without this having to be constantly re-enforced by myself, process and focus wins!”

David Mallon, CEO, Elvis Jesus