Customer Creativity: #Halloween

Written by Martin Lucas

We’ve been working on several customer campaigns this week as we build up to Halloween. For any campaign, it’s all about understanding what your market cares about, what is trending in the world and, equally, making sure you aren’t just jumping on a bandwagon. It is key to connect with your target market based on what they care about.

We humans have very good instincts and can sniff out sales bulls%!t in social media and marketing. What we really want is engagement that resonates with us as individuals and relates to what we want and what you have to offer us. In a nutshell, that’s basically brand loyalty, sales and finding new customers.

Spooky Research

We ran an analysis of 412,000 messages across 12 social platforms and blog sites.

This is what people were talking about related to Halloween, we eliminate filler words (like ‘the’, ‘and’ and ‘of’) so it’s as relevant as possible:

Now, what we make sure not to do is make any assumptions, as any research may reveal behaviours you may have expected. In this case, of course, ‘cute’ matters; what parent doesn’t love an embarrassing costume photo to throw onto Facebook for lifetime red-faced-kid value?!

Next, we look at what is trending and what matters in terms of hashtags related to #Halloween:Screenshot-2017-10-24-17.07.54.png

#instagood is 100% Instagram and a bit of a misnomer because their algorithm is very heavily based on hashtags so it features more in this analysis than anything else. Beyond that, you can see how people think and ultimately feel the topics that make up a huge part of where we spend our thinking time for this spooky holiday.

Here is what we did for four clients and why:

Clever Doormats

Like Ronseal, it ‘does what it says on the tin’ as a brand. They have lots of doormats and we picked the funny Halloween related ones and totally pulled in a Games of Thrones options, which is not strictly Halloween, but let’s face it, there will be a lot of Ikea fur rugs over people’s shoulders for costumes this year.

The Ice King Cometh


Makes people smile and pulls in GoT fans.

You can catch the rest of the designs on Instagram.

Skinny Tie Madness

Design is in their blood! Over 300 tie designs at a great price of $9.99 a pop, they have a classic fashion sensibility and that made us select classic monsters.


Frankenstein ‘He’s alive, he’s alive! And dressed super-well!’

Fun, makes the design pop and draws the eye.

You can catch the rest of the designs on Instagram.

Engage Education

Their mantra is ‘engage with quality education’. They are international recruiters bringing quality teachers over from multiple countries to help fill the UK teachers gap.


Zombie meets opportunity

Funny and a reminder of the opportunity they offer.

You can catch the rest of the designs on Facebook.

Everything is behaviours, and any behaviours can be changed through design, in none of the examples shared above are we hard-selling; we are simply reminding the brands’ fans what they are missing out on. Data science and creative science works really well as a tag team to help you understand what your market wants (and how to give them more of what they want).

Having fun when the occasion allows for it is awesome too - Happy Halloween!

And one more for the mighty Elvis Jesus