Connecting the dots to sales leadership

Written by Martin Lucas

We are examining examples of the cause and affect of the small details of sales leadership. Covering:

How your presence dictates your teams performance.

The simplicity of process and how to marry it to solutions selling.

The psychology and ease of a task based system and why it works for an individual.

I love process and explain why, less draconian and more controlled positive freedom.

How often to use your voice and how often to leverage other leaders voices.

The structure of reward and how often to seek it and to set the expectations of rewards.

Helping you understand the structure and how to let your people become the voice of success.

Introducing the sales values and vision and ‘borrowing’ from marketing theory. 

Leveraging the four pillars approach I have created with the key purpose of giving people values they can relate to and thus the quality standards you expect.

We humans need consistency and I explain how repetition breeds success.

You will learn what the dickometer is and how trust helps you focus on the ‘good’ ideas.

We end understanding where we started with a focus on the small details and how it breeds leadership.