Autumn Lookbook

Written by Martin Lucas

Are you in that Autumn wardrobe switch mode?

I certainly am, so it inspired me to use #lookbook to go on a change climate, changing wardrobe hunt. Some really great stories this week!

Here we go:l1.jpg

Post by julietta_mademoiselle

As the lady says, ‘Feeling like RED RIDING HOOD in this Outfit’.


Post by nateeshopp

This is a cool way to combo the look & feel and real-life shot.


Post by bello_tonico


And “.....”

And in a final word, I SO want that jacket.


Post by simplypatriciab

The only time I’ve seen a clothing mirror selfie done well ever, ever, ever.


Post by shoptini

It’s autumn! I love the pattern of the skirt with the ladies hair colour; it creates a beautiful pattern flow.


Post by fabdollboutique

Are you freaking kidding me? This is sooooooo couture. Love, love, love.


Post by cuff_linq

Love is love.


Post by pigpattypaige

The world is still hot in some places - one could argue really hot! <<See what I did?

A lookbook is your shop window to the now; it shows what's going on in the world and how you represent that. Design is like life; you wear your heart on your sleeve - and many other body parts.

Tell your story and you will attract people who love your point of view and join your tribe.