10 Downing Street with the Prime Minister & DrugFAM

Written by Martin Lucas

A fantastic occasion at 10 Downing St this week for DrugFAM.

The Prime Minister was there, she gave a speech and the main thing was to celebrate the updated version of the book by the Charity's founder, Elizabeth Burton-Phillips 'Mum, Can You Lend Me Twenty Quid?: What drugs did to my family', originally released in 2007, you can view it on Amazon here and the updated version is released December 7th.

A very moving account of her twins sons addiction and the ultimate loss of one of their lives. Here is what I had to say in the testimonial section of the book

'What I admire most about Elizabeth is that she took action when faced with one of life's most tragic circumstances. The book is an honest, open journey through addiction. Losing your son and making the decision to help others - from writing a book or a play, to starting a charity and changing lives - takes a special type of determination and drive to help others. A must-read to start your own journey of awareness toward truly understanding addiction'.

An extract from the speech the Prime Minister gave

'Because when families have to face addiction, they really do need that support. And I think that was one of the elements is that, often for families, it is very difficult to know where to turn, to know what to do for the best. Sometimes, through love, families take steps that they think are the right ones but sadly sometimes are not. And it is for those feelings of helplessness, of shame, of isolation and fear that DrugFam exists today to show people there is someone to help, there is someone there to turn to'.

Full Prime Minister speech

With winning Lottery funding, the charity gaining the Queen's award (highest status a charity can get), the Westminster Abbey event and Elizabeth becoming an MBE it's been a great year. As with all charities it's only as good as tomorrow and any and all help is welcome.

It's a privilege to sit on their board and if like me you want to help or know someone dealing with addiction give the DrugFAM site a visit.