Decoding the human algorithm

We are in an era of unprecedented growth in the realm of human science and that is opening new doors to help us understand human behaviour. 

Mastermindset focus is to understand the decision making process, thoughts, bias, prejudice, behaviours and habits that creates the behaviour for how we shop, how we buy at work, how we create culture and ultimately what makes us change (or not).

If you can figure that out then you will know how to serve your customers better and enable all kinds of growth (revenue, culture change, trend analysis, sales, marketing).

Here are the steps and the outcomes from our three years of research;

The steps to positive change

Once upon a time...

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Problem Statement

Why do humans get treated like numbers?

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Research Round 1

Starting with the why of human behaviours...

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Methodology: Gap in the Matrix

The red pill vs the blue pill

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Research Round 2

Exploring consciousness

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Discovery: The Science of Decision Making

How you make decisions....

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Discovery: Digital Imprinting

The animals came in two by two....

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Mantra: Everything is behaviours

A human did it, they always do

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Invention: Irrational Mathematics Algorithm

Math with feelings

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Invention: Problem Solving Methodology

How to create positive change

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"If you want a deeper and greater insight into the behaviour and habits of your potential customers then give Mastermindset a call!"

Jemma Edwards, Digital Marketing Manager, Don’t Panic Projects​

"We are in desperate need of the return of the deep thinkers of old - those that provided a moral compass to guide society by constantly questioning the impacts and implications of our actions.

Martin is one such person and he will challenge you to consider "if not you, then who determines your destiny”?"

Andrew Vorster, Technologist

"The Mastermindset Team are fast, effective and easy to work with - their ideas and creativity are smart and straightforward and it's been very simple to implement and test changes that are impacting our KPI's for MyThreadLab. Neuroscience is helping us get out of the weeds and take a look at the consumer psychology and the decision making that happens - this is something that our team is usually too close to and it's amazing to have a fresh perspective from an outside group."

Will Hench, CEO,

Marty deeply cares about your success. He knows how to structural sales and marketing strategies to achieve maximum benefits. He and his team supports you and every step of the process. For that matter, Marty even takes it three steps further to bring reassurance and contribution to your products or services. We are looking to work with Marty again in the near future to bring more input and expansion to our company's growth.

Glenn and Shoshi, Founders, Create Health Nevada

"I went from $500 a month to $2000 four fold increase ... to $10000 twenty fold increase! That's in six months from initially speaking to Martin in May 17 to what i billed in January.. That's a one man business now expanding."

Rajan Murti, CEO, Local Drug Testing

"To help prioritise what is most valuable to work on. The engagement on social media, as a networking business this part is essential for us. Our growth was over 80% on Instagram alone, insane!"

Dale Hicks, CEO, The Fashion Network

"Helped us put ourselves in the shoes of the entrepreneurs, understand their challenges – the various blind spots they may have, the fears which are festering below the surface. It’s helped us adapt our offering in future to focus more so on key fundamentals of any business."

Gos Chagula, Programme Manager, Exeter City Futures

"Work with them! These guys have the unique ability to really delve into understanding your brand personality and unique positioning, and how to relate that back to creating a unique emotional connection with customers. Ultimately they really care and understand the psychology behind your customers, and their passion for this shines through in all interactions. An absolute pleasure to deal with."

Charlie McEvoy, Founder, Plant Faced Clothing​