Mastering your Customers Mindset

Happier customers & growth is what we offer.
Our expertise is understanding customer behaviour on a mathematical, analytical and emotional level.
We conducted a four year project to research and model the science of decision-making (both conscious and unconscious), the predictive analytics of customers' buying habits, how to calculate and grow loyalty, leveraging sales and service psychology and how to design truly personalised experiences. 
Making customers and clients happy:
The four-year study produced an agile problem-solving model that works across the Sales, Advertising, Marketing & Service Ecosystem to ultimately create true personalisation, customer by customer.
This has resulted in lots of case studies showing metric growth 60-700% above industry standards and year-on-year revenue growth of 15%-947%.
We work on a project, short-term role or contract basis, unless you are Global and want hundreds of problems solved - then I’m up for a ‘real’ job :-).
Thanks for having a look. 
Martin Lucas
P.S. Our model is agile, it is built to focus on what is most pressing for our clients and their customers, as these lovely people have experienced: