“Martin developed a structure and prices for the team to buy into without this having to be constantly re-enforced by myself, process and focus wins!”

David Mallon, CEO, Elvis Jesus

"The psychological layer made the platforms more robust. The effort, time and value equation was quite interesting. Helped show there were strong ‘human’ drivers behind them."  

Joris Westerman, MD Netherlands, Happen ​

"If you want a deeper and greater insight into the behaviour and habits of your potential customers then give Mastermindset a call!"

Jemma Edwards, Digital Marketing Manager, Don’t Panic Projects​

"Work with them! These guys have the unique ability to really delve into understanding your brand personality and unique positioning, and how to relate that back to creating a unique emotional connection with customers. Ultimately they really care and understand the psychology behind your customers, and their passion for this shines through in all interactions. An absolute pleasure to deal with."

Charlie McEvoy, Founder, Plant Faced Clothing​

"We've only just started really but we're excited about the potential for better relationships that create improved marketing communications for the business, our events and the clients. Talk to Mastermindset, they will help open your eyes to different and effective ways to engage with your clients."

Martyn Collins, Exhibition Director, eCommerce Show North

"Helped us put ourselves in the shoes of the entrepreneurs, understand their challenges – the various blind spots they may have, the fears which are festering below the surface. It’s helped us adapt our offering in future to focus more so on key fundamentals of any business."

Gos Chagula, Programme Manager, Exeter City Futures

"I first noticed Martin when I heard him talk on the subject of entrepreneurship on television. His understanding and insights into psychology and the success based mindset, were instantly recognisable as being an expert in his field, and far ahead of anyone I'd met for many years. I immediately sought out his counsel, and subsequently I'm proud to call him a friend and a trusted business associate. His consulting work is diligent and well thought out, with a level of insight that goes far beyond experience, but into a natural skill that is as rare as it is gifted."

Kern Frost, Author, Entrepreneur, Coach

"We implemented Martin's suggestions to segment our users into 3 buckets.

We repositioned our landing pages around these 3 buckets of user, depending on what channel they entered the site from.

Our conversion rate from 0.81% to 4.5%! Is that 562%?!"

Stuart Logan, CEO, Twine

Marty deeply cares about your success. He knows how to structural sales and marketing strategies to achieve maximum benefits. He and his team supports you and every step of the process. For that matter, Marty even takes it three steps further to bring reassurance and contribution to your products or services. We are looking to work with Marty again in the near future to bring more input and expansion to our company's growth.

Glenn and Shoshi, Founders, Create Health Nevada